The AG Store LA!

Hi Happy People,
How are you dollies? I started school today for real and guess what? I got homework!! But I found some time to post something. Remember that I went to the AG place in LA and you asked for more pics. So here we go. . . .

This is me, Gilly, on the AG Dollywood Star! I'm famous ;-D

Let Your Innerstar Shine!

When you enter the store, there are a lot of televisions with AG on it. I really loved it!

This is the store directory. There are two floors with all the dolls we know! The MAG, all the historical characters and there is a section with the retired GOTY's. And of course, a whole corner with McKenna!

Coming week I will post more pics of this great AG store. And don't forget: Let your innerstar shine!!

To your blog :P

Lots of love,
Gilly - an LA American Girl

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  1. I am fine Gilly,you really look cool on the AG dollywood star :D-Mckenna Brooks