AGSM ❤️ A Dollie Night Routine

Hi Happy People,
I made a new video! It is a dollie bedtime routine. I hope you dollies like it.

Lilly comes home from a long day of shopping and she puts on something comfy. After that, she's making dinner. Izzy is joining her. They have a delicious meal! Izzy is doing the dishes and Lilly is taking a nice warm bath. When Lilly is done she is playing with her dog Pepper, packing her school bag for tomorrow and reading her favorite book.

Thank you guys so much for more than 300 subscribers! ILY

Lots of love,

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


1 item in 3 ways

Hi Happy People,

I have a lot of favorite items, especially this perfect lace top.
Here is a 1 item in 3 ways.

You can also do this with a tee or another top of course.

Style 1: Sporty and Comfy

I combinated the lace top with a simple skinny jeans, some pink flats and a pink beanie.

It looks amazing and it is comfy :)

The beanie is also good for your dollie, if she has a 'dollie bad hair day'!

Style 2: Girly and Colorful

Saige is wearing her lace top, a flowery skirt, some pink with white flats, a pink hair band and a necklace.

Saige's necklace has a flower on it, and it combines good with her skirt!

Do you also see her flower earrings? Too cute.

Pink matches fabulous with white!

Style 3: Classic and Preppy

Saige is wearing her lace top, a white bubble skirt, some brown leather boots, a shiny hairband and her ring.

Saige looks good! I like this outfit the best. I think the combination of the white skirt and the white lace top is absolutely amazing!

Saige's ring is also a cute accessorie!

Tell me what style you liked the best down below :)
BTW, this is my 300th post. Yay!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


This or That

Hi Happy People,
It's time for another this or that! I hope you dollies like it.

Number 1:

Isabelle's Dance Skirt OR Isabelle's Sparkly Skort?

Number 2:

GOTY Isabelle OR McKenna?

Number 3:

Isabelle's Coral Tee OR Isabelle's Coral Sweater

Number 4:

Grey polka dot shoes OR pink polka dot shoes?

Number 5:

The old AG in-store tee OR the new AG in-store tee?

My Opinion:

#1: Isabelle's Sparkly Skort - I love this skort, because it is pink. I like her shiny dance skirt too, but I can combine the skort a bit better.

#2: Isabelle - Oh my dollie… This is a hard one! I don't want to choose between my beloved dollie friends, but I will. I think I'll choose Isabelle, because she's new. No offense, Kenna, I love you too :)

#3: Isabelle's Coral Tee - My dollies wear both of these pieces a lot, but I'll choose the coral tee. I think it's a little bit more 'fashionable' then the sweater.

#4: Pink Polka Dot Shoes - You know me… I love pink!

#5: New AG in-store Tee - I like the design of the stars in the new tee a bit better. It is more shiny ❤

What do you choose? Please let me know in the comments down below!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Pictures of a happy winner

Hi Happy People,
Do you remember my Isabelle themed giveaway? The winner It's a Doll World is really happy with her  goodies!

Saige is modeling her new tee. It looks really good on her!

Here is a link to go to her blog. You should check it out!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Happy People,

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you all have a day full of love with your friends and family!

What will you wear on Vday? I think your PJ's have to look really cute for Valentine's Day and that's why Rory is wearing her favorite heart pajamas.

This is a retired outfit of American Girl and it is so comfy!

Rory is looking as cute as always <3

Next up are the Valentine's Outfits. Lilly and Gilly are both wearing a girly dress.

Lilly is wearing a retired outfit from AG. Lilly's favorite color is pink, so this outfit looks adorable on her!

Gilly looks fantastic in this crochet dress from AG. It was an item from the Spring collection in 2013.

VDAY is a sweet day, so you need to eat a lot of sweets!

Rory made some delicious popcorn! Rory used some popcorn (obviously :D), pink and red candy melt from Wilton (you know you can find it at Michael's) and some VDAY m&m's. We love the result.

Lilly: "It taste so good"
Gilly: "I want … MORE!"

Rory: "No, it's mine."

To all my dollie friends… YOU'RE POPPIN'! 

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


VDAY: Lovely Message Decorations

Hi Happy People,
Are you getting excited for Valentine's Day?
I am going to show you another quick and easy craft to spice up your doll room.
I hope you enjoy it.

I'll show you how to make these little lovely messages as decoration.
I've got the idea of a VDAY themed roomspiration video from Macbarbie07 (a.k.a. Bethany Mota). I loved these so much, and I decided to make them dollie sized.

What you will need are a bunch of cardboard letters. I've got these from a local craft store, but I think you can find them in a store like Michael's. You can also use foam letters.

I glued five of these letters together and you're done!

You can see they're pretty thick :)

This decoration looks so cute on shelves like in this cabinet.

Give some LOVE <3

These little messages match the colors of our picture frames we made!

I hope you had some great VDAY decorating tips!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


V-DAY DIY: More decorated picture frames!

Hi Happy People!

Today I am going to show you some more Valentine's Day picture frame decorations!
These are really simple to make and they look so cute.

Gilly is looking flawless, as always :)

What you'll need is:
- a picture
- some design paper
- some white paper
- some cupboard
- some corrugated cardboard
- some ribbon
- some decorations, like little flowers, hearts or bows

Step 1. First I am going to cut out a heart. I used some dies, but you can also cut them with scissors. I am also cutting out a thin heart as a border.

Step 2. Glue it all together.

Step 3. Time to decorate! I used these cute cardboard letters. Of cousre, you can decorate it your own way.

This is the other picture frame I made. I used the corrugated cardboard as a picture frame. I decorated this with 2 felt hearts, a ribbon and a little rose.

I hope you liked these picture frame ideas!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


VDAY DIY: A Crochet Picture Frame

Hi Happy People,

Are you getting in the mood for V-DAY? We are!

Today I decided to make a lovely home made gift for Gilly.
Here is a tutorial how to make a 'Crochet Picture Frame'.

Let's get started! First of all, I found this lovely idea on a Dutch blog. You can find it here.

You'll need:
- a bracelet
- a crochet needle
- felt
- scissors
- a picture
- glue

Step 1: Make 84 slip stitches around the bracelet and close with a slip stitch.

Step 2: Crochet 3 chain stitches and make a double stitch in every slip stitch.

Step 3: How to make a scallop? *Skip 2 stitches and crochet 7 double stitches in 1 stitch, skip 2 stitches and a slip stitch in the next stitch* and repeat

Step 4: crochet 15 chain stitches and close with a slip stitch

Step 5: Make a picture and glue this to the picture frame. After that, glue the felt to the picture. And you're done!

I used this lovely 'selfie' Gilly and I made.

I love the result! It is a lovely decoration to show your best friend you love her!

Awhh, we do look cute, don't we?!

Comment down below what kind of picture you would place in this picture frame.
Stay tuned for some more picture frame ideas!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl