Gracie and Caroline

Hi Happy People,
It's me, Caroline Abbott. Here are some pictures from me and Gracie (Marie-Grace)! We made them in front of a Barbie doll-house. I wish it was a doll-house for American Girls! I hope you like the pictures.

Gracie and I had a wonderful time!
Have a good day,
Caroline Abbott - an American Girl


Another Exclusive Outfit!

Hi Happy People,
Two days ago I showed you girls an exclusive outfit from AG, the Starry PJ's. I also got some exclusive accessories at the AG place Washington DC! It's very pretty. It includes. . . 

 * Two shoes
 * Two socks, who are pink and red
 * A pink bag

The Socks

The shoes!

Love them!

Like this pic!

A shoe and a sock

And a sock and a shoe!

The Bag
A close up from the bag
Mia loves them and I made some pictures from her and the accessories. The accessories don't includes the tee and the skirt she is wearing. I hope you girls like the pic's!

I just love this! The socks are like those from 'Little Miss Matched', right? That store is just so NOT matched :D That's funny. . . Do you have something for your doll(s) that's perfectly not matched? I would love to hear and see it!!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl