AG Place LA 4 (the GOTY's)

Hi Happy People,
It's me again, Gilly! Sorry about yesterday. Rory really wanted to post something and I was like: 'Noooooo! I still have to finish my story of the AG Place LA!' Beut Rory didn't listen to me ;(  But now the computer is mine again and I can post another part of the AG Place in LA: the Girls of the Year. They are all soooo beautiful!

I miss all my GOTY friends very much. . . You can still buy them on Amazon.com. Liz, an American Girl fan made a little website with all AG's on amazon.com. When you are interested you can click here. Go to the side bar and click on past girls of the year! You can see the retired historical character her too. I miss Nicki very much. I just love her blouse ;) Luckily Mia, Kanani and McKenna are home with me.

Here are Lindsey - 2001, Kailey - 2003, Marisol - 2005.

And here are Jess - 2006, Nicki - 2007 and Mia - 2008.

And here are Chrissa - 2009, Lanie - 2006 and Kanani - 2011.

We miss you all, retired GOTY's!!!! Do you have a retired girl of the year? I would love to hear it!

Lots of love,
Gilly - an American Girl


  1. My sister has Jess. I love GOTY's! :)

  2. This wall is my favorite in the whole store - it's so fun to see all the GOTY's together!