More new MAG Stuff!

Hi Happy People,
I just love all the new MAG stuff! They got soooo much. Here are the other outfit's that are new. Pretty Lilly likes :D

Casual Chic Outfit
Rory loves this outfit. The shoes look a lot lik the McKenna's school outfit shoes, huh? I like the hat, do you see the two little purple buttons?

Reindeer PJ's
Oh My Dollie! Look at those reindeer ears! That's the purrrfect X-Mas hairdo, reindeer ears! I also love the color of the PJ's, the pale/lavander blue.

Purple Party Outfit
In some way, this outfit reminds me of the zebra printed dress. . . It just looks so fancy. I love the hairband with the huge bow on it ;-D

Rosy Red outfit
This outfit is just a must-have for Christmas. The shoes are adorable and I love the little flower on the shoulder of the dress, sweet!

Holiday Accessories
Look, there is an nutcracker!!! The black cardigan matches very good with the purple party outfit, don't you think?

Sugar and Spice set
And last for best. . . The Gingerbread House Kit! I love the Santa hat and the apron. And of chourse, I just want to eat that *delicious!!!* gingerbread house. I know what I want to eat on Christmasday :D

Which thing do you like most from the new AG stuff? Caroline, the books or the new MAG stuff?

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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