New AG Stuff!

Hi Happy People,
Finally weekend! Time to relax. . . I was browsing on my computer and guess what? I looked at the American Girl Facebook and there was a sneak-peak of the new MAG outfit's for the winter! O my dollie! This is just so beautiful. AG said:

'Facebook exclusive: Sneak a peek at the newest My American Girl styles and playsets, including a 2-in-1 skating outfit, a cozy chalet and more — all available soon online and at American Girl stores!'

I love the Ski-Chalet for your me and my dollies, with a fireplace! Now we are never cold anymore :D I also like the white outfit, but Lilly will love it too. There is a blue 2-in-1 skating outfit and I <3 the grey cardigan!!!!! Look at the snowboard near the chalet. I know what I want for X-MAS :P

I also saw this. It's sooooo cute. I think I'm going to write my list to Santa already. Maybe something for Lilly's B-Day (October 15th). You never know :D

Kisses and Huggies,
Rory - an American Girl

PS. Look at DollDiaries.com, because all the new Caroline stuff is on there. Books + all the Outfits! Can't wait till September 4th.

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  1. I can't wait for these to come out, they are so very cute!