New MAG Stuff!

Hi Happy People,
There are new My American Girl outfits! I love to see all the new winter outfits.

Pretty Pink Coat Set
 C'mon, It's Pretty Lilly. Pretty Lilly needs a Pretty Pink Coat! It contains a pink faux fur jacket and some cool boots with a bow.

Here is the 2 in 1 Ice Skating set. I love the skirt and the cardigan. The cardigan is really soft and you can put it on everything. I think Mia would love the Skates, maybe a Christmas present?

Here is the Soft as Snow outfit. Oh My Dollie! Look at those earwarmers! The sweater looks very comfortable and the skirt is really cute (again Fake fur)!!!

Look at this Snowboard Outfit. I love the blue socks and the real gloves! They look funny puffy :D

And here is the Snowboard and Gear. The snowboard looks really cool and. . . look at those snow goggles! That helmet looks very safe :)

Which outfit do you like most? I can't choose!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly -  an American Girl

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