A Sunny Summer Photo Shoot

Hi Dollies!

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In my last post I've shown you the Sunny Isle Outfit! I am in love with it.
I also got the Seaside Tote Set and the Beach Chair Set.
I hope you enjoy this summer photo shoot!

After those long days working at the smoothie stand, Saige needed some time to relax in her new outfit with some delicious summer treats!

I love the basket with a flower printed on it! It's so cute and it will match in our doll house.

The Beach Chair set contains:
- a folded beach chair
- a basket with a flower printed on it
- two pieces of pineapple
- one coconut drink
- one shaved ice
- two fruit kebabs
- a leave shaped plate

I love the new bracelet from the Seaside Tote set!
The Seaside Tote set also contains a lip gloss. I love make up for my dollies and my dolls will be using this a lot!

Here's an overview of the outfit, the tote set and the beach chair set.
The colors are perfect for summer!

In this post I made a review of the Sunny Isle outfit.
I love the beads on the flip flops!

The tote is so detailed! It has rope handles with hot pink straps around them and it has a beautiful flower printed on it.

I clipped the flower from the Sunny Isle outfit on the cute sun hat to cover Saige's eyes…

… and finally, Saige is relaxing.
She even fell asleep during the photo shoot, hihi.

What's your favorite set from this photo shoot?
The Sunny Isle Outfit, the Seaside Tote set or the Beach Chair Set?
Comment down below you favorite.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Review: Sunny Isle Outfit from AG

Hi Dollies!

So, this weekend I got the Sunny Isle Outfit from AG!
I am so happy with this outfit, because it's the BEST.
Enjoy this review :)

The Sunny Isle Outfit contains:
- a yellow ruffle top with double straps and squiggly embroidery at the neck
- a pair of shorts with a tropical print on them
- a pair of orange flip-flops with some beads on them
- a pink flower hair clip

I personally love this outfit, because it's perfect for summer and you can combine all the pieces separate in different outfits!

Here is a detail of the squiggly embroidery at the neck of the top.

And a detail from the American Girl logo on the end of the top.

The pattern of the shorts is so cute! There are some flowers and palm trees and some other bright objects on them.

The flip flops are amazing! You can combine them with everything :)

Gilly is just hanging out…

She's a TREE HUGGER <3

I definitely recommend this outfit. It's perfect for the summer and the bright colors fit every doll!

I hope you enjoyed this review.
What do you think of the Sunny Isle Outfit? Comment down below!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


3 times shorts

Hi dollies!

I don't know about you dollies, but we LOVE shorts!

Mia, Lanie and Rory are modeling their favorite pair of shorts.
They'll look adorable :)

Mia is wearing the purple shorts from the Coconut Fun outfit from AG.
She paired it with this cute blue top from Lanie's collection from AG and a pair of sneakers.

Lanie loves pink and red!
She's wearing an AG in-store-only pair of shorts with the AG New York tee.
She's also wearing a red hairband with gemstones.

Rory is wearing the Easy Breezy Outfit from AG, which is absolutely one of my favorites!

Comment down below your favorite outfit.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Saige's Smoothies

Hi dollies!

Remember my post about eating healthy?
Click here if you haven't seen it yet.
Saige has been eating very healthy lately and she decided to open a smoothie stand!

The stand is Kanani's shaved ice stand. I made the sign of 'SMOOTHIES' myself and the food is from AG, Our Generation and polymer clay. All the other accessories are from AG.

Yum! When life gives you fruit … you make smoothies!

This mixer is adorable! I got it at a local supermarket.

Saige: "I don't know why… but I really LOVE PINEAPPLES!"

Smoothies are perfect for a refresher on hot summer days.

I love the flowers that are on the top of the Smoothies Stand!

Saige's hair was a bit fizzy before I made the photo shoot, but I watched this video from AGOSF and now Saige's hair looks so pretty! You can check her blog out by clicking here.

This is my favorite mix for a smoothie: strawberries, watermelon, peach, blueberries or blueberry syrup and some yogurt. Actually, I also wanted to put a banana in it too, but I couldn't find it :o

It's sooo good!

Saige had a fun and healthy day!

What's your favorite smoothie? I would love to hear them and try to make them myself :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


A summer day with poppies

Hi dollies!

Today was a great day!
That's why I decided to take a ride on my bike in the country side and … I saw a field full of poppies!

Of course Isabelle couldn't wait to make pictures with it ♡

I love this close-up from Isabelle and the poppies in the back!

Did you know that 'pop'  means doll in Dutch?
And my pop is taking pictures with poppies, hihi.

Isabelle is wearing Saige's lace top, the white bubble skirt (in-store exclusive) from AG and a pink hairband from the Flower sweater and skirt set.

I had a lovely day! It's starting to feel like summer here too!
It was 85 degrees today in our rainy country :)

What's your favorite season? Just curious <3

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Eating Healthy

Hi Dollies!

It's time for Lilly's monthly advice again!
This time it's about … Eating healthy!

You know those times, when you come home from school and you're want a snack.

"Ooh! That banana split looks so delicious!"

But we're going to eat a healthy summer treat!
These food items are from the American Girl breakfast set.

Caroline: "I love this yogurt parfait!"

"It contains blueberries, granola and other delicious summer fruits."

Strawberries are so good! And they have such a bright color.

I also love fresh orange juice! The orange is from the Our Generation Kitchen set.

So next time when you're getting a treat… Go for a healthy summer treat!

What's your favorite fruit? Mine are strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl