3 times shorts

Hi dollies!

I don't know about you dollies, but we LOVE shorts!

Mia, Lanie and Rory are modeling their favorite pair of shorts.
They'll look adorable :)

Mia is wearing the purple shorts from the Coconut Fun outfit from AG.
She paired it with this cute blue top from Lanie's collection from AG and a pair of sneakers.

Lanie loves pink and red!
She's wearing an AG in-store-only pair of shorts with the AG New York tee.
She's also wearing a red hairband with gemstones.

Rory is wearing the Easy Breezy Outfit from AG, which is absolutely one of my favorites!

Comment down below your favorite outfit.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. The third one (easy breezy outfit) is my favorite! I also really like the first one. :) Shorts are my favorite type of doll clothing. There so small and cute!

    ~ Mint