A summer day with poppies

Hi dollies!

Today was a great day!
That's why I decided to take a ride on my bike in the country side and … I saw a field full of poppies!

Of course Isabelle couldn't wait to make pictures with it ♡

I love this close-up from Isabelle and the poppies in the back!

Did you know that 'pop'  means doll in Dutch?
And my pop is taking pictures with poppies, hihi.

Isabelle is wearing Saige's lace top, the white bubble skirt (in-store exclusive) from AG and a pink hairband from the Flower sweater and skirt set.

I had a lovely day! It's starting to feel like summer here too!
It was 85 degrees today in our rainy country :)

What's your favorite season? Just curious <3

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. I love your 'pop's' (hi hi) outfit!

  2. I love the pictures and Izzy's outfit!

  3. What a cute photostory!
    I love your pictures!