Review: Sunny Isle Outfit from AG

Hi Dollies!

So, this weekend I got the Sunny Isle Outfit from AG!
I am so happy with this outfit, because it's the BEST.
Enjoy this review :)

The Sunny Isle Outfit contains:
- a yellow ruffle top with double straps and squiggly embroidery at the neck
- a pair of shorts with a tropical print on them
- a pair of orange flip-flops with some beads on them
- a pink flower hair clip

I personally love this outfit, because it's perfect for summer and you can combine all the pieces separate in different outfits!

Here is a detail of the squiggly embroidery at the neck of the top.

And a detail from the American Girl logo on the end of the top.

The pattern of the shorts is so cute! There are some flowers and palm trees and some other bright objects on them.

The flip flops are amazing! You can combine them with everything :)

Gilly is just hanging out…

She's a TREE HUGGER <3

I definitely recommend this outfit. It's perfect for the summer and the bright colors fit every doll!

I hope you enjoyed this review.
What do you think of the Sunny Isle Outfit? Comment down below!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. so cute! i love this outfit!

    -Heidi- :D

  2. A-Doll-Able! Very Cute Lilly! :)

    Sophia <3