Saige's Smoothies

Hi dollies!

Remember my post about eating healthy?
Click here if you haven't seen it yet.
Saige has been eating very healthy lately and she decided to open a smoothie stand!

The stand is Kanani's shaved ice stand. I made the sign of 'SMOOTHIES' myself and the food is from AG, Our Generation and polymer clay. All the other accessories are from AG.

Yum! When life gives you fruit … you make smoothies!

This mixer is adorable! I got it at a local supermarket.

Saige: "I don't know why… but I really LOVE PINEAPPLES!"

Smoothies are perfect for a refresher on hot summer days.

I love the flowers that are on the top of the Smoothies Stand!

Saige's hair was a bit fizzy before I made the photo shoot, but I watched this video from AGOSF and now Saige's hair looks so pretty! You can check her blog out by clicking here.

This is my favorite mix for a smoothie: strawberries, watermelon, peach, blueberries or blueberry syrup and some yogurt. Actually, I also wanted to put a banana in it too, but I couldn't find it :o

It's sooo good!

Saige had a fun and healthy day!

What's your favorite smoothie? I would love to hear them and try to make them myself :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. I like mango smoothies and berry smoothies too!
    Hope you r healthy eating is going well. :)

  2. I love fruits!!! My fav would be a raspberry smoothie, a mango smoothie, all kinds of berries mixed into one smoothie, and bananas and strawberries smoothie! Yum! Great post!!!

    1. I love bananas and strawberries smoothies too!!


  3. Strawberry smoothies are my favorite! Your smoothie stand looks great- I want a smoothie now! ;)

  4. I like strawberry smoothies and peach smoothies. I love the photos they are bright and beautiful! :)


  5. Banana and strawberry is the best I say!!


    1. 1 more follower and you'll have 100!!!! I am the 99th