Isabelle's Backyard Photo Shoot

Hi dollies!

It feels like summer here! 
I felt like making a photo shoot with Isabelle, because she looks so cute!

I love hydrangea's! What's your favorite flower?

Isabelle is wearing the retired AG Sea Breeze outfit. It's by far my favorite doll outfit I own.

I matched her romper with a navy bow and some navy flats.

Isabelle: "These flowers smell amazing… And they're so soft!"

Isabelle looks so happy in this picture! I love how her green eyes match with the blue.

Isabelle: "Time to relax and hear the birdies sing. I love nature!"

"I can smell the hydrangea from here! Awesome."

What's your favorite picture of this post? Tell me in the comments :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


MagNeoBio Award

Hi Happy People!

Three amazing dollies nominated me for the MagNeoBio award! Thank you so much.

They asked me to answer some questions and of course I will do that!

Let's get started, but first… let's write it down!

These are the questions from Kitty K:

1. What is your favorite doll accessory?
Probably my huge pink bow. I wear it as much as I can. I also like bows in other colors.

2. Have you ever made a AG video?
Yes! I posted them all on my Youtube channel called PrettyLillyAG. Check it out in the sidebar!

3. Favorite doll?
Hmm, this is a hard one! I don’t want to hurt any of my dolls feelings, but at the moment I like Isabelle the best.

4. Favorite color?

5.What color socks are you wearing right now?
I am not wearing any socks :o

6. Do you wear earrings?

7. Is American Girl your favorite shop?
For dollies, YES! But for clothing and other things, no…

8. Do you own any other doll than AG?
No, I stick with AG.

9. Favorite Year Doll?
This is hard… I think Saige, because she’s so photogenic!

10. Do you have a MAG?
Yes. I have 4 MAG dollies. Lilly, Gilly, Rory and Maddy

Here are the questions from Leah from toDOLLy awesome

1. What's your favorite piece in Izzy's collection?
I think Isabelle’s studio. It’s so detailed! Beside that I love the coral sweater, because it is so cozy and comfy and it looks adorable.

2. Which doll is your mini-me? If there isn't one, which features from other dolls would create your mini me?
All my dolls together is my mini-me! I like fashion, like Lilly, Gilly and Rory, but I also love nature, like Lanie and Kanani. I also like sports, like Kenna and Mia. And don’t forget how creative all my dollies are!

3. Pink or blue?

4. Dollie food or dollie clothes?
Dollie clothes. I love dressing up my dolls. It’s the best!

5. Gift cards or cash?
Probably a gift card.

6. Dream vacation destination?
Anywhere in the US! It may sound strange, but I love the US. I don’t live there and I love (almost) all the things there. Like nice food, clothes, Target, etc.

7. What would you buy with a $500 AG gift card?
Julie’s car, a MAG doll and some clothes.

8. Which doll is your favorite? (GOTY, MAG, or HC)
I think MAG, because you can design their personality.

9. Skittles or M&Ms?
M&M’s. I adore chocolate!

10. Do you make doll houses out cardboard boxes? 

No, I make my doll house on my desk. I don’t make walls. I just put a big piece of furniture to the sides and pretend :)

And last… here are the questions from 2 Doll Stars?

1. Who is your favorite HC? 
Caroline. I love her stories and she is SO beautiful.

2. Do you like GOTY Isabelle? 
Yes, she’s amazing! I love her blonde hair and green eyes, because I have blonde hair and green eyes too. I also like her personality… A lot :)

3. How did you find my blog? 
You nominated me for this award, and I took a look on your blog and I like it!

4. If you had to, would you go sky diving or bungy jumping?
I think sky diving. That would be awesome!

5. Why did you start blogging:
When I was nine years old, I was looking for new AG clothes and I found Liz' website. I loved to see her photostories, hairstyles, DIY’s and much more! Two years later I decided to make a blog myself, because I had tons of great ideas to show on my blog. That’s how I started blogging at Pretty Lilly AG.

6. What is your favorite kind of post? ( photo story's, DIYs, photo shoots ect.)?
I like outfit ideas for dolls. When I buy a new outfit from AG, I love to combine the new items with other items. I also love reviews of doll furniture and clothing.

7. Do you play a sport or do a dance? If so what is it? :) 
I don’t play a sport :o
I have P.E. at school, so…

8. What u think I could do to improve my blog? 
Uhmm, I don’t know! I like your blog and I don’t know it for so long...

9. If you HAD to give away all of your dolls expect one which one would your keep?
Oh! This is a hard one… I wouldn’t like to give away all my dollies :’(
I think … I would keep Lilly. She was my first dollie and she’ll always be the most special doll for me.

10. Have you ever customized a doll (doesn't have to be AG)


My questions are:

1. What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
2. Would you rather choose ice-cream or frozen yogurt?
3. Do you like to shop at Target or Walmart?
4. Tell me your favorite AG outfit!
5. Do you like a muffin or a cupcake?
6. Sweet or salty?
7. What's your favorite app?
8. Would you choose for apple pie or banana cake?
9. What's your favorite doll blog besides yourself :)
10. Are you a fan of Minions (Despicable me) or Little Green Man (Toy Story)?

Thanks for nominating me and I nominate……
Everyone who reads this!

Have a nice day!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Bows, bows & more bows!

Hi dollies!

If you look at us,  we all have one thing in common … We wear a LOT of bows!

But everybody love bows, right? It's the perfect accessory to match your hair with your outfit and there are tons of different colors, patterns and fabrics!

It doesn't matter is you have short or long hair to wear a bow.

A bow looks cute in curly hair… But also in straight hair!

Bows look pretty on blondes and brunettes!

It also doesn't matter if you wear glasses or not. A bow always looks great!

You got to love bows, right?

What is your favorite hair accessory for your dollies? Tell me in the comments down below!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Review Floral Swim Outfit

Hi Dollies!

I love American Girl bathing suits. They're so bright and colorful! 
Here is a review of the new AG bathing suit: Floral Swim Outfit.

It contains:
- a two-piece swimsuit with a bright floral pattern
- a cute pink cover-up
- pink flip-flops

Kenna wears the swimsuit. It looks great on her!
BTW, don't you think her eyes are SO blue in this pic?!

The swim top has a cute ruffled detail.

And the AG logo is on the swim bottoms.

Isabelle is wearing the cover-up/swim dress.

Isabelle: "I personally LOVE flip-flops. These ones are too cute, because the bright pink matches every summer outfit."

There are some flowers on the right side of the dress …

… and the AG logo is on the left side of the dress!

I totally recommend this set, because the quality of the fabrics is amazing and the whole outfit is so colorful! What I also like about this set, is that it actually contains 2 outfits! ♡

This picture of Isabelle is the most beautiful I've ever taken! It's so close up and the colors are so bright!

What's your favorite doll swim suit? I would love to hear it :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


AGSM - AG Doll Hair Salon

Hi Dollies!

I made another video! I hope you like it.

In this video, Lanie is going to the AG Doll Hair Salon from Mia. Lanie has long hair and she wants it shorter. Mia gets her her new hair do and it looks amazing!

Did you liked my new video? Tell me in the comments :)

Lots of love,

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Lilly's Monthly Advice - May

Hi Happy People,

From now on I am going to try to post some monthly advice for you and dollies!
Let's start with Saige's advice. 

After all those hard finals and tests, you need to relax with a Spa Day!

Saige is wearing a retired bath wrap from American Girl. I love the lavender blue color!

Saige is wearing some plush slippers from Bitty Baby. They're retired and they barely fit, but they look too cute!

Saige: "There are a lot of bubbles in my bathtub! This is so relaxing."

Saige: "I always want to make myself look my best, so I am experimenting with my new make-up!"

Saige also loves to read AG books, like her own story Saige, Meet Caroline or Very funny, Elizabeth!

But reading the AG magazine is also a lot of fun.

Go check out your favorite doll Instagram account, like @Prettylillyanamericangirl and watch your favorite AG-tube videos on the Youtube account of Pretty Lilly AG!

Don't forget to eat a delicious treat! Some strawberries or some strawberry ice-cream?

What do you do when you are relaxing? Comment down below :)

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Happy Mother's Day

Hi Dollies,

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you have an amazing day with your Mom :)

This is how Rory planned it.

STEP 1: Flowers! Every Mom loves flowers. Rory bought some red, pink and white roses.

STEP 2: Surprise her with a delicious breakfast! This dollie-sized breakfast is the AG breakfast set. I totally recommend this set for every day use. Rory made some pancakes with strawberries on the side, some yogurt parfait, some cinnamon rolls and some orange juice. ENJOY!

STEP 3: A present! I personally think handmade gifts are the best. If you don't have any inspiration, scroll down for a DIY.

Rory: "Hi Mom! Happy Mother's Day. I hope you have a fabulous day!"

Look, it's Mamma Mia! Do you get it? It's Mia and she's Mom, hihi :)
Mom: "Oh honey! Thanks for the flowers and the delicious breakfast and … is that what I think it is? A PRESENT?!"

Rory: "Yes Mom, a present!"
You can make a few pages in the quote book yourself and you can make the rest with your Mom! On the next Mother's Day you can read all the quotes together.

Again, I hope everyone has a great day!
What did you give your Mom for Mother's Day? Tell me in the comments.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


DIY - Mother's Day Gift Idea

Hi Dollies!

Don't forget! It's Mother's Day tomorrow! 
Do you already have a gift for your Mom?
If you don't, don't worry… Pretty Lilly to the rescue!

Rory is making a little quote book for her mom!

Here is what you'll need:
- notebook/scrapbook
- pencil
- decorative tape, stickers, paperclips etc.
- quotes

I used the green scrapbook from American Girl Crafts.

Rory: "Let's get started!"

You can find great inspirational and positive quotes at this site.
You can also search for #positivequote or #dailyquote on Instagram for some great quotes.

"Start each day with a grateful heart."

Stay tuned for the Mother's Day from Rory with her Mom.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl