Gilly's new job

Hi Dollies!

I gave a review of the Doll @ Work book in my last posts.
One of the jobs is walking the dogs.
Gilly was thrilled to have this new job!

Gilly loves animals, especially the dogs of all my friends. They're all so cute!

The names of the dogs are (from the left to the right): Barksee, Cooper, Chocolate Chip, Pepper and Honey.

Gilly is rockin' her new t-shirt! The hot pink looks so good on her.

Pepper and Honey are going for a bone…

Barksee and Chocolate Chip are chasing a cord…

And oh no! Cooper is running away!

Luckily, Gilly saw it and she caught Cooper.
Gilly: "Bad doggie! Don't ever run away again, buddy."

Gilly: "I love these dogs! They're all so cuddly and fluffy and nice. I love my new job!"

Would you want to be a dog walker? Comment down below ♡

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Walking my own 150 LB Mastiff, 75 LB Bulldog, and 100 LB bloodhound is good enough for me ;)

  2. It would be pretty cool to have a dog walking job if I wasn't afraid of dogs.

  3. I love to walk my dogs Bailey and Bella on the trail where we live. I am thinking about getting the Doll @ Work book sometime, too. (;