Doll @ Work

Hi Happy People,

I have got this AG doll D.I.Y. book and I love it!

It is the 'Doll at Work' book. There are plenty of doll jobs in this book and it has really fun crafts!

Here is an example for a job. The doll with the brown hair is a vet!

This book contains lots of great stuff, including these Business Tools!

I am in love with the tee! It says "No job is too small!".

Your dollie can design a deck or decorate cakes and so much more!

There are lots of stickers and pieces of paper in the book. I love the stickers with the dollies on it!

One of the jobs is delivering groceries. That's what these seeds are for!

Do you like this book? I DO!
Comment down below please.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Looks really fun! Do you think you could post more pictures of what's inside? I am trying to decide if it is something I want to buy sometime. :)

  2. That's really cute!

  3. Looks really fun!!

    I've nominated you for the MagNeoBio award on my blog.


  4. I heard about that book it looks fun and the activities too! I'd like to get one maybe:)

  5. You were nominated for an award!!


    -Kitty & Puppy