Decorating Eggs

Hi Happy People,

I love Easter! And Caroline has the Easter spirit too!
Caroline, Rory and Saige have been decorating our doll house like crazy! 

Today Caroline is going to decorate some eggs with the egg decorating set from American Girl.

Everything is so detailed and it is a total must-have for Easter! Your dollies will spend lots of time playing with it and it looks so colorful.

You get a box with eggs from the set and some of them are painted in bright colors.

You also get crayons to decorate the eggs. Your doll can also use them for a drawing!

This is just adorable! It is a egg standard with THE EASTER BUNNY on top of it.
Caroline has an obsession with the Easter Bunny and that's why she loves this!

The set also contains three bottles of egg dye in the colors pink, blue and yellow.

Caroline: "This will be EGGstra fun to do on Easter!"

Caroline says: "Pink is my favorite color, so that's why this egg is so pink! I used a white egg and I decorated it with pink egg dye, pink glitter and a pink crayon."

Caroline had so much fun to decorate these eggs!
I totally recommend this set, because it looks so good in your doll house.

Are you going to decorate eggs on Easter?
Please let me know in the comments down below!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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