Doll Easter Outfits

Hi Happy People,

Do you know what you're going to wear for Easter?
Isabelle, Kanani and Lilly know! Let's get inspired for your Easter outfit.

They all look so adorable!

First up is Isabelle. She is wearing a retired American Girl outfit.

Isabelle: "This outfit is totally my style! It's girly and playful at the same time."

There is a detail of a flower print on the bottom of the dress. It looks lovely!

Isabelle's looks AMAZING!
She's wearing the braided hairband extensions from AG.

Izzy's shoes are from the outfit of the dress.

Here is Kanani! This dress is a retired one from AG.
I got this one from my friend Lacey!

Oh my dollie! Purple is such a nice color for Easter.

She's wearing some purple bow peep toes from AG. I love the metallic color!

Kanani: "This dress is sporty and looks nice! I love the belt that you can tie around your waist!"

Kanani is wearing a hairband from the AG Sweet Savannah Dress.
Her hair looks pretty nice!

And last but not least is Lilly!
Lilly is wearing the Sweet Spring Dress from AG.

I love the little detail of a flower on her shoulder!

Lilly: "This outfit is THE BEST for me! It is shiny and has pink in it. What more can you ask for?"

Lilly's hair is perfect! It's so glamourous! This bow is from a dress from Rebecca.

Lilly is wearing the flats from Caroline's meet outfit.

What outfit would your doll wear? The outfit from Isabelle, Kanani or Lilly?
Comment down below what you think!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. I love Isabelle's dress. I would have gotten it if I didn't already have too may spring dresses. It is such a pretty color!