This or That #2

Hi Happy People,
I made another 'This or That'! I hope you dollies will enjoy it!


Pretty white pilot sunglasses
Fashionable sunglasses


A grey shirt with white sleeves
A brown shirt with a flower

(Don't tell any dollie that Saige is wearing some of her Pajamas tees!)


Silver sandals
Golden boots


A pink knitted hat
A purple knitted hat



My choice:
1. Fashionable sunglasses, because I prefer dark sunglasses a little bit more.
2. A grey shirt with white sleeves, because this tee matches everything!
3. Hmmm, I love them both so much, but I prefer the golden boots, because these boots are looking     perfect with a casual outfit
4. A pink knitted hat, because Pretty Lilly's favorite color is pink!
5. Oh my dollie! I can't choose! I like Elizabeth, because her hair is so beautiful. But I like Caroline too, because her eyes are so unique. . . . Sorry, but this is a tie for me :D

Hope you enjoyed this 'This or That' and please comment your choice down below!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


New AG Summer Collection 2013!

Hi Happy People,
American Girl has got the new summer collection! Enjoy!

Saige's movie is out already on DVD.

This picnic basket of Saige looks beautiful.

I love Saige her new tunic! The turquoise color is adorable.

Isn't that funny? We're all happy to have vacation, but AG has got a new school line! It looks pretty.

Is your locker this lime green? Mine is just boring grey :P

I love Science!

Hey! This is me! So I have to have this outfit, don't you agree?

This one is for my dollie friend Lacey, because she plays basketball!

I love the color combination. Lime green with bright pink! It's totally Pretty Lilly.

This scene is absolutely perfect for making pictures or videos! They've got 4 different scenes.

What about these 3 outfits? If you buy them all together, you get free accessories! 
Absolutely a favorite!

This sweater looks so sparkling!

I think Meatloaf is the cutest dog in the whole world (don't let Honey hear) and Meatloaf and I are looking soooo cute together!

This is a perfect pet bed, that you can decorate yourself.

I felt in love with this breakfast set. Maybe you can also use it for a high-tea!

 Oh my dollie! This is AMAZING!!! Check out the site for all the accessories. All kinds of ice-creams, hotdogs and much more! I think I want this one for my B-day :O)

This PJ looks so cozy!

These shoes are so me! The color, the dots and the bow?! Just PL.

These earrings will look so beautiful on Saige! But guess what?! They are already backordered! In 2 hours! Oh my dollie. . .

This outfit is fantabulous for Dolloween! Whohoho!

This looks so cool! AG got some hair accessories!
A perfect bun for a chic diner!

This will look beautiful on a historical character.

For an Avril Lavigne look!

For a nice long ponytail!

I love all the new stuff of American Girl!
Which one is your favorite? Please comment down below.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


1 dress in 3 ways

Hi Happy People,
This weekend I was going to my drawer with my clothes and I thought . . . Why shouldn't I make some new combinations? Hope you dollies like it!

1. Rock Dollie
I made this combination when I was listening to Avril Lavigne.

- Sweet Savannah dress
- McKenna's school skirt
- Black legging (I think from the Snowy Fun outfit, which is retired)
- Grey boots from the Pretty Pink Coat set
- Pink hair bow

2. Uptown Dollie
The perfect combination for a shopping experience!

- Sweet Savannah dress
- True Spirit accessories beanie and jacket
- Saige's golden boots of the Sparkle dress outfit

3. Fancy Dollie
A cute style for a dollie night out! By the way, my inspiration comes from '22' from Taylor Swift.

- Sweet Savannah dress, shoes and hairband
- Ruby Red X-MAS outfit (which is retired) cardigan

Oh my dollie! I love all the outfits! Now I have to clean up the mess I made. . . :D
Which one is your favorite? Please comment down below.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Fun day @ the pool!

Hi Happy People,

It's almost summer and the weather is AMAZING! 
Gilly and Rory had a fun day @ the pool! Enjoy this photo story/ photo shoot!

*Ahhhh*, time to relax in the water. . . . It's so refreshing!

How many little sea animals do you count in this picture?

A lovely close up of our Gilly. . . .

And a fantabulous picture of Rory!

<3 this pic!

My cute little starfish!

Rory:' Ahhh! Don't splash, Gilly!'
Gilly:' Hihihi!'

Gilly needs some sunscreen!

We had a fun day @ the pool!
What's your favorite thing to do @ the pool? Please comment down below!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl