This or That #2

Hi Happy People,
I made another 'This or That'! I hope you dollies will enjoy it!


Pretty white pilot sunglasses
Fashionable sunglasses


A grey shirt with white sleeves
A brown shirt with a flower

(Don't tell any dollie that Saige is wearing some of her Pajamas tees!)


Silver sandals
Golden boots


A pink knitted hat
A purple knitted hat



My choice:
1. Fashionable sunglasses, because I prefer dark sunglasses a little bit more.
2. A grey shirt with white sleeves, because this tee matches everything!
3. Hmmm, I love them both so much, but I prefer the golden boots, because these boots are looking     perfect with a casual outfit
4. A pink knitted hat, because Pretty Lilly's favorite color is pink!
5. Oh my dollie! I can't choose! I like Elizabeth, because her hair is so beautiful. But I like Caroline too, because her eyes are so unique. . . . Sorry, but this is a tie for me :D

Hope you enjoyed this 'This or That' and please comment your choice down below!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Fun!
    1. Fashionable glasses; mainly because I don't like the other style.
    2. Grey with white.
    3. Silver sandals, so pretty for summer!
    4. Pink hat.
    5. Elizabeth.

  2. 1. Fashionble sunglasses! great for z summer!

    2.A brown top with a flower design print! Goes well with jeggings!

    3. Both, because they're both fashionable, but work for different seasons!

    4. Pink knitted slouch hat! So cute, matches with everything! Totally my style!

    5. CAROLINE! She's so fashionable, and stylish, and she works for both eras, 1812, and 2013!


  3. 1. Fashionable Sunglasses!
    2. A gray top with white sleeves.
    3. Silver sandals!!!
    4. Purple hat
    5. Caroline

  4. 1. Aviator sunglasses
    2. Gray top
    3. Silver Sandals
    4. Purple Hat
    5. Argh, this is hard! I really love my Elizabeth doll, but Carrie is really cute.

  5. 1. pilot sunglasses
    2. brown shirt with flower
    3. silver sandals
    4. pink hat
    5. I agree with Pretty Lilly- Elizabeth's hair, Caroline's eyes

  6. 1 White glasses
    2 Grey shirt white sleeves
    3 Gold Boots
    4 Pink
    5 Caroline

  7. 1. fashionable sunglasses
    2.grey top with white sleeves
    3. gold boots
    4.pink hat
    5. Lizzy

  8. 1.fashionable sunglasses
    2.grey shirt white sleeves
    3.silver sandals
    4.pink hat