Our new pet: Coconut

Hi Happy People,

As you already might know, AG has new My American Girl pets!
I got a new pet for my dollie friends… Coconut!!

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!! (Comment down below if you know from what movie that sentence is)

The new pets from AG have a very soft body and they can be posed in different positions! They're awesome to make stop motions with :)

The new Coconut has a magnet in her mouth so she can hold her favorite toy.

She just looks too cute when she sits!

Lilly: "High five, Coconut!"

Lilly: "And… Lie down. Good job!"

Lilly is really happy with her new pet. Welcome to the family, Coconut!!

Do you like the new Coconut or the old Coconut better? Comment down below your opinion :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Meet Haley (MAG #59)

Hi Happy People,

Today I like you to meet a new member of our doll family… Haley Parker!

Haley is My American Girl doll #59. She has layered brown hair, a light skin and brown eyes.

She is too pretty! I am so happy to have a new dark haired member in our doll family!

Haley is really photogenic and her hair is amazing for hairstyles.

These pictures turned out pretty good. They're really bright!

And a close-up as last :)

What do you think about MAG #59? Tell me in the comments.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


The Fault in our Stars

Hi dollies,

I don't know about you, but I cried a lot during The Fault In Our Stars movie…
It was so amazing and so emotional!!

I love this edit of Gus' quote: "Maybe okay will be our always…"
It's just too perfect!!

I think Isabelle is Hazel and Saige is Augustus. Sorry that you had to be a guy, Saige, hihi.

The funniest scene of the movie was the part when the airplane started flying. I loved Gus' reaction :)
I also loved the part where the 'egged' Monica's car. It was too funny!

What was your favorite scene of the movie/book? Tell me down below.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Kanani in the grain field

Hi dollies,

It was a sunny day… again! Kanani went on a little walk in her cute red dress.
Enjoy this photo shoot!

She found a field full of grain. This is a place meant to be for pictures!!

This close up is adorable! I love how the sun shines on her hair and eyes.

Kanani couldn't wait to touch one of those grains. She wanted to do that for sooo long, hihi.

This photo shoot was pretty scary, because there were a lot of bugs :o

Kanani's hair stays so pretty and long!

The grain field was pretty big!!

What's your favorite picture of this photo shoot? Tell me in the comments down below :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Beach Day - Isabelle & Saige

Hi dollies,

It was a nice hot day and we love to tan. That's why Izzy and Saige decided to go to the beach!

This is sooo relaxing! Saige even brought her beach chair.

Isabelle loves to collect some shells! They look cute as decoration :)

Izzy's hat is too cute…

… and Saige defiantly needs her sunglasses with the bright sun.

This is my favorite picture. The sea looks so blue!

We had a great time at the beach!! Tell us if you like the beach or the swimming pool better.
Personally,  I like the swimming pool better, but pictures at the beach always look amazing!!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl