This or That #4

Hi Happy People,

Did you see the new Christmas collection of American Girl? I love it.
I made a this or that with the new items! I hope you like it.


The Sparkle Party Dress


The Rosy Red Dress?


The Brocade Holiday Dress


The Purple Party Outfit?

The Polar Bear Pajamas


The Reindeer Pajamas?


The Coconut Fun Outfit


The Frosty Fair Isle Set
& Puffy Jacket?

 The Holiday Accessories 2012


The Holiday Accessories 2013


 McKenna's Gymnastics Set


   The MAG Gymnastics Set?


Playing with your dog in a cozy outfit


Relaxing in the spa?

1. The sparkle party dress - I love the other dress too, but this dress is so sparkly and cheerful!
2. The brocade dress - I like gold a little better than purple and I adore the hairband.
3. The reindeer pajamas - I love the hairband with the reindeer antler on it! I also like the boots of the other outfit.
4. The Frosty Isle Set and the Puffy Jacket - I am in love with the sweater and the gloves!
5. The Holiday Accessories 2013 - I like the creme color of the jacket better and the sock is awesome!
6. The MAG gymnastics set - I like Kenna's too, but I like the colors of this one better <3
7. Relaxing in the spa - You say spa, I say Pretty Lilly! I love getting my nails and hair done.

What do you choose? Please comment down below.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Kenna's fantabulous hair

Hi Happy People,
Kenna has got her most fantabulous hair accessory ever!

It's the AG hair braid extension in the color caramel!

I love the color and Kenna looks awesome!

I love the sunshine on her hair.

This hair extension fits every outfit and style.

I'm so happy!

Lots of love,
Kenna for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Lanie's Flowers

Hi Happy People!

Today it was a warm summer day and Lanie's flowers needed some water! 
Lanie to the rescue!

Lanie: 'You need some water and you need some water and you are so thirsty, little flower!'

Lanie: 'Now you girls are looking good.'

The sun is shining bright! Do you discover the rainbow in this picture?

A lovely close up of Lanie's hand. . .

I <3 this picture :D

A cute picture from above.

Which gardening pic do you like the best? Please comment down below.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Collective Dollie Sized Haul!

Hi Happy People,

This will be my first Dollie Sized Haul! I've got a little haul of all the non-AG stuff I got in the USA at Michaels and Target. I hope you dollies like it!

Yay, PL's #1 haul!

This is a little painting/picture I bought at Target at the 1 dollar finds.

This is a bird case that I found at Michaels. It's perfect for decoration and it looks so cute!

These are dolliesized treats (actually erasers) which I got at Target. There are 4 of every treat.

At Michaels I got a watering can which Lanie <3's!

And last but not least, a dollie sized picture frame I found at Michaels.

I hope you dollies enjoyed these dollie sized finds and maybe you can find them too!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Welcome Home in Holland!

Hi Happy People,
I flew back from the USA to the Netherlands. I guess my vacation is over :(
Lilly was so happy to see us! She didn't even know Lanie was here! 
I hope you dollies like this photo story of our welcome home party!

Saige: "Hey Lilly! I'm home!"
Lilly: "OMG! I'm so happy! Huggie!"

Saige: "I'm happy to be here again and oh dollie! I've got such a jet lag!"

Saige: "And guess who came with me. . . A new dollie friend!"
Lilly: "Lovely Lanie! It's so nice to finally meet you! Welcome to the family."

Welcome home my dear friends!
Best Buddies 4evr!

Lots of love,
Saige for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Back 2 School

Hi Happy People,

I still have vacation, but a lot of dollies have to go back to school! 

Enjoy this little photo story!

"Time to go to school!"

Lanie is opening her locker.

"I love how I decorated my locker!"

" I have to get my books for my classes!"

" I'm so excided for my Science class! I'm going to learn to work with the microscope! I can't wait!"

Hope you liked the photo story!

Lots of love,
Lanie for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

Lanie's Refreshing summerday

Hi Happy People,

Today Lanie went to the pool! She had such a fun time swimming and reading and relaxing. . . Enjoy this photo story!

"Hi dollies! I'm going to dive in the pool! Hehe."

"Time to go!"

Fifteen minutes later. . . 

"That was so refreshing!"

"I'm getting sunkissed cheeks!"

" That was lovely! <3 "

Hope y'all have a refreshing summer day!

Lanie for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Saige Paints the Sky movie

Hi Happy People,

Today I saw Saige Paints the Sky movie! I had a fun time to see myself on tv. And it was funny to see Saige wearing the same outfits as me!

American Girl presents.....

Saige Paints the Sky!

I've got the same cardigan as she has!

I love this painting!

Such a pretty face! She looks a lot like me :D

I enjoyed the movie very much! 
Which AG movie do you like the best? Please comment down below.

Lots of love,
Saige for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl