Collective Dollie Sized Haul!

Hi Happy People,

This will be my first Dollie Sized Haul! I've got a little haul of all the non-AG stuff I got in the USA at Michaels and Target. I hope you dollies like it!

Yay, PL's #1 haul!

This is a little painting/picture I bought at Target at the 1 dollar finds.

This is a bird case that I found at Michaels. It's perfect for decoration and it looks so cute!

These are dolliesized treats (actually erasers) which I got at Target. There are 4 of every treat.

At Michaels I got a watering can which Lanie <3's!

And last but not least, a dollie sized picture frame I found at Michaels.

I hope you dollies enjoyed these dollie sized finds and maybe you can find them too!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl