Dolloween outfit ideas

Hi Happy People,

Do you already have a Halloween costume? I always love to dress up my dolls and Dolloween gives me a wonderful opportunity to do that!

We are all so excited to go trick or treating!! Because, you know… We love our candy ;)
The little basket is from Target. It's dollie sized!!

We especially love candy corn! I think I'm officially obsessed with it!! It tastes so good...

This year Saige dressed up as a bee! She is wearing the Bee Myself outfit from American Girl. It's so detailed and I absolutely love it.

Caroline dressed up as a black cat! It's a retired outfit from AG. I love the hairband with the cat ears :)
I think Taylor Swift will love this too ;)

Isabelle is wearing this adorable outfit from AG. I just found out it's retired :(
And BTW, don't you love her tutu?!

Tell me what you're going to wear for costume for Halloween? I would love to know!!
We wish you all a happy Dolloween!!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Camping Trip

Hi dollies,

Guess what we did this weekend? Gilly and Haley went on a camping trip!
And we were pretty hungry, so Haley brought her barbecue!!
It was SO delicious...

Haley and Gilly look so cute! Haley is wearing a lace top, a pair of jeans, pink sneakers and a parka. Gilly is wearing a coral colored sweater, a dark washed jeans and some boots.
They look so fall-ish!!

Haley turned on the barbecue and Gilly boiled some water and made some de-li-cious grilled cheese sandwiches. I can't get enough of them!

Gilly said: "I am so hungry!!"

Gilly made some raspberry flavored tea. "It's so good. Maybe it's even better than a pumpkin spice latte!" said Haley. "Well, I don't know that… PSL's are so tasty." said Gilly.

Gilly decided to make some more grilled cheese sandwiches and when she was done, she finally set down and talked with Haley.

It looks so cozy!

Camping is so much fun ;)

For desert, Haley made some chocolate pudding with some fresh melon.

Do you like camping?
Whose camping outfit do you like the best? Haley's or Gilly's?

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


My Birthday

Hi Happy People,

It's my birthday!!

Today, October 15th, is my 14th birthday! I am so excited :)

I always love to wear a crown and my birthday gives me a good excuse to wear one!

My friends and sisters made me a de-li-cious breakfast!! They made cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, yogurt with fruit, fresh orange juice and some chocolate!
Can they make that every day for me?!

Gilly walked out of the room and she came back with a HUGE box. She said: "Here is a present from me and all your dollie friends. I hope you like it!!"

Then I said: "Oh my dollie. I wasn't suspecting such a big present! Thank you so much."

I stood up, I opened the box and I saw this thing…

"… Uhmm thank you for the, uhm… chair?"

Kanani and Gilly started laughing. "Hihi, it's not a chair, silly. It's a dog bed for your new dog Coconut!!" said Kanani.

I looked up and I saw Coconut running towards the dog bed. She looked so happy and cute with her party hat on! "Oh hihi, now I know what it is. Thank you so much!!" I said quickly.

I had an amazing day!! I am happy with my dog bed and I had a fun time with my dollie friends.

When is your birthday? I would love to hear :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Rory with a dandelion

Hi Happy People,

Happy Columbus Day! I hope you're enjoying your day off :)

Look what Rory found…

A dandelion!!

It's so beautiful <3

If you blow the seeds away… You can make a wish and it will bring you happiness and joy!

Don't forget my birthday coming Wednesday!!
And you know, on Wednesday we wear pink.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Isabelle with dollie sized trees

Hi Dollies,

I have these adorable dollie sized trees in my backyard. They're so cute!
That's why I made a photo shoot with Isabelle.

Isabelle is wearing a blue puffy jacket from AG, Isabelle's rosette leotard, a pair of jeans and some navy flats from American Girl.

I love how Isabelle's hair! This tiny bow is from Forever 21 and I love how the color is exactly the same as her jacket.

The lighting was perfect that day! I always love the fall sun.

Izzy is looking flawless.

Here's a little detail of the AG logo on the jacket. It looks so cute.

These little trees are eucalyptus trees. They smell really nice…
I'm not a koala :')


If you can't reach it… Reach higher.

What's your favorite GOTY? Just wondering :)
Mine's Saige.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl