My Birthday

Hi Happy People,

It's my birthday!!

Today, October 15th, is my 14th birthday! I am so excited :)

I always love to wear a crown and my birthday gives me a good excuse to wear one!

My friends and sisters made me a de-li-cious breakfast!! They made cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, yogurt with fruit, fresh orange juice and some chocolate!
Can they make that every day for me?!

Gilly walked out of the room and she came back with a HUGE box. She said: "Here is a present from me and all your dollie friends. I hope you like it!!"

Then I said: "Oh my dollie. I wasn't suspecting such a big present! Thank you so much."

I stood up, I opened the box and I saw this thing…

"… Uhmm thank you for the, uhm… chair?"

Kanani and Gilly started laughing. "Hihi, it's not a chair, silly. It's a dog bed for your new dog Coconut!!" said Kanani.

I looked up and I saw Coconut running towards the dog bed. She looked so happy and cute with her party hat on! "Oh hihi, now I know what it is. Thank you so much!!" I said quickly.

I had an amazing day!! I am happy with my dog bed and I had a fun time with my dollie friends.

When is your birthday? I would love to hear :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. I loved the dog bed it's such a good idea for a present.


  2. Happy birthday to you! Coconut's bed is just adorable. As for my birthday, it is coming up on October 18.

  3. Happy birthday Lily! Your puppy is so cute! :)

  4. Happy birthday, and enjoy (or rather let Coconut enjoy) the cute pet bed!

  5. Awwww! This is sooo cute! Adorable set up! :)

  6. Happy Belated birthday!