AG Store LA 2

Hi Happy People,
Today I'm going to show you my favorite part of the AG store in LA. The Historical Characters! It's just so beautiful! Every Historical Character got their own room (with their BFF). They have everything in there and there is a little place where they show some furniture that matches the time period where the dolls live. Every doll also got music that matches the time period. When dollies have a movie, you see the movie in their room. Kit's room and Julie's room where really big, because they where in a corner.

Kit's BIG Room

Rebecca's Room. I <3 all her outfits!

Cecile and Marie-Grace, their beautiful room

Molly's red and yellow room

Kaya's Native American Room 

Addy's  Colorful Room

Josefina's  Pretty Room

Julie's  hippie styled Room
Tomorrow I'll post more pic's. I hope you will check it out :D

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl 


The AG Store LA!

Hi Happy People,
How are you dollies? I started school today for real and guess what? I got homework!! But I found some time to post something. Remember that I went to the AG place in LA and you asked for more pics. So here we go. . . .

This is me, Gilly, on the AG Dollywood Star! I'm famous ;-D

Let Your Innerstar Shine!

When you enter the store, there are a lot of televisions with AG on it. I really loved it!

This is the store directory. There are two floors with all the dolls we know! The MAG, all the historical characters and there is a section with the retired GOTY's. And of course, a whole corner with McKenna!

Coming week I will post more pics of this great AG store. And don't forget: Let your innerstar shine!!

To your blog :P

Lots of love,
Gilly - an LA American Girl


Your Blog Is Great Award from Claire!

Hi Happy People,
My school started today. No vacation anymore. . . A week ago I got the 'Your Blog Is Great' award from Claire! Thank you sooo much, Claire. I think your blog is great too!

If you get this award from me (or from another doll/girl) you only have to post it (with a pic of the award) on you blog, thank the person who gave the award, nominate 5 blog's you like and tell the people who you nominated that they got an award!

My 5 nominated blog's I love:
Sara loves AG! A blog about Sara and her dollies. I think we all love her This or That Tuesday and she's having a giveaway right now!
Rose - Loving Your American Girl Doll! Her background is beautiful and my Marie-Grace loves to look at her Marie-Grace :D
All About Aisha! A blog about Aisha who got all kinds of adventures! Keep posting on this beautiful blog!
Viviness & AG! I can't tell you how much I love that dollie! She's so beautiful and she gives you great tips!
My American Girl's Story That dollie always know's everything when you're talking about AG! She posts the latest AG trends, news, things about her Etsy and lots of more about her dollies!

Thanks again Claire!
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


A Friendship Tee for Lacey!

Hi Happy People,
Yesterday I post the tee I got from my friend Lacey. I made one for her too! I hope you dollies like it!

Yay! The tee says: Friendship Blooms. I think that's the most important thing about friendship. The flower also says Peace.

I hope you like the tee, Lacey. Handmade by Pretty Lilly :D
Now. . . more pictures!

Happy Crafting!

I like all kinds of flowers.

Flowers and friendship is a good combination!

Look at me :D

Peace out and let your friendship with your doll bloom! Did you ever made clothes for your dollie too? I would love to see it!
Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Tee from Lacey!

Hi Happy People,
When I visited my friend in Arizona, she bought two packages from Springfield (at Micheals) with a tee and a jeans. She had a great idea to make one for me and I make one for her! It turned out fabulous. It's beautiful with the US flag in a heart. Sweet!

Look at this! It's just so sweet! Thank you so much, Lacey. Now. . . Picture time!

Hey Lilly! Look at our new tee!


A Lovely close-up

Again, thank you Lacey! Maybe it's a good idea for you and your friend(s) too! Tomorrow I'll post the tee I made for her!
Lots of love,
Gilly - an American Girl



Hi Happy People,
I really like eraser food, especially Iwaku. I was searching for it, because on the original website the shipping (from Japan to the US) was really expensive. In London McKenna found a lot of Iwaku in a department store called: Selfridges & Co. Yay, finally! McKenna gave us: the fast food, the bakery treats, the snacks, the sweets and the sushi! Jummy.

All the iwaku's comes with a little plate
The Iwaku's called puzzle erasers, because you can take them apart. I'm never going to use them to erase a word. . . I'm going to eat them! Just kidding!

From above
From the side
I especially love the ice cream and the cake, because it's pink and sweet! The little boxes are pretend noodles. Love it!!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


A Lovely Day in London 2

Hi Happy People,
In London I had a lovely time. I liked the typically English red busses and Regent Street, the street with the flags. This is me, looking at the busses.

The other day I went to Harrods. Harrods was beautiful. It has 5 floors, a big food hall, a lot of shoes and clothes and. . . A LOT of toys! They also have a Christmas World. The whole year through... even in the summer. A bit odd, huh?

Then I went to the house of the Queen, Buckingham Palace. It is so big and there where so many tourists! We wanted to see the Changing of the Guards, but it was on a difficult time to plan, with our other activities. Maybe we can see it next time.

I also went to the 'Tower Bridge. It was huge! The colors where beautiful and the towers where really high! 

I had a really good time in London and I saw and learned much. I would love to go again! It is just an 45 minutes fly from Amsterdam, but with one hour time difference.  It was lovely!!

Have a lovely day,
McKenna - a London Girl


A Lovely High Tea in London!

Hi Happy People,
In England things are a bit different. It's weird to see that the cars are driving at the 'wrong' side and the wheel is on the right! On the street they say which side you have to look for cars, before you cross the road. Sometimes it's a bit confusing.

After all the sightseeing I was a little bit tired. So surprise... I had a High Tea in our hotel. It was lovely!

We got some fancy flowers on our table. After drinking our tea, we got the sandwiches!

Our sandwiches

We had all sorts of sandwiches.
- two tuna sandwiches
- two turkey sandwiches
- two salmon sandwiches
- two cucumber sandwiches
- two egg sandwiches

Then we got typical English scones! I love making scones with clotted cream and jam. This is how I made it.

Put the clotted cream and the jam on the scones.

Tada! You are done. Enjoy! After the yummy scones we got our sweets.

Our Sweets
Our sweet treats just look sooooo fancy! They where amazing:
- two macaroons with the Great Britain flag
- two red velvet cake with a candy on top
- two pana cotta with passion fruit
- two times the olympic fire (with salted caramel)

After the sweets we got a little fruit cake.

After the fruit cake I was stuffed. I couldn't eat anything more! But it was worth it. It was lovely!

Have a lovely day,
McKenna - a London Girl


A Lovely Trip to London 1

Hi Happy People,
I'm back! Thank you for my 20 followers and all your comments! I had an LOVELY (Hihi, typically English) time in London. I saw famous spot's, I had an high tea and so much more! Let's begin. . .

On my first day, I went to West-Minster. That's the central part of London. I went to the Big Ben and I heard the bells rings twice! On the other side of the river the Theems, I saw the millennium wheel. I didn't get in, because I'm afraid of heights too, like Gilly.

I also walked nearby the Parliament and West-Minster Abbey. And there I saw the Horse Guards Parade! Can you see the horse looking at me? I was a bit scared :-%

Later on I went to the National Gallery and I saw paintings of Van Gogh and Monet. They were beautiful. But of course you can't make pictures of them.

Later that day I made a phone call to Gilly to tell her how lovely everything is!

So much for today, tomorrow I'll post more pic's.

Have a lovely day,
McKenna - an London Girl


I'm going to London!

Hi Happy People,
I'm going to London! I already packed my stuff. I can't wait to go! But I am going to miss you girls. . . We are going to all the famous spots. I'm going to take some pictures, but I'll post them when I'm back home. See you in five days (Sunday)!
Lots of love,
McKenna - an American Girl

New Video: The AG Camping Trip!

Hi Happy People,
I'm just so happy with all my new stuff! That's why I made this video, the AG Camping Trip.

Rory and McKenna are going on a camping trip. They are having fun! Rory sees a shadow. McKenna and Rory don't know what to do. . . Who is it. . . ?

I hope you girls like it. It's my first video I made outside! Enjoy :D
Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

PS. Tomorrow I'm going to London for five days. I would tell you dollies all about it when I'm back. I'm sorry I can't post there. . .


Our Generation Kitchen

Hi Happy People,
During the vacation we visited a lot of Target's to look for cool stuff from Our Generation. I especially looked for the kitchen. Basilmentos got the kitchen too and I think we love it all. So we where looking and my mom saw the kitchen!!! I really wanted it! Lucky for me it was on clearance. I love the kitchen it self, but I love all the food that comes with it too! It contains cookies, ice cream, fruit, veggies and a lot of supplies for your dollies to 'make' food! It's amazing.

The kitchen closed...

The kitchen open!
I especially love the fridge, because you can putt sooooo much food in there. Pretty Lilly likes :D

It's soooo pretty!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


I love your blog award!

Hi Happy People,
During my vacation I got the 'I Love Your Blog Award!' from Sara loves AG.

Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you so much Sara for nominating me! I love your blog too! Especially the This-or-That-Tuesday, it's so much fun!
Tell your readers why you started a blog and why you keep doing it. In the Netherlands almost nobody knows AG. I visited a lot of blogs, that was my inspiration to get my own blog. It's also like a 'diary', because I post a lot of things which happen to me or where I'm going. And I really like it when I get comments from you dollie-friends, that's what keeps me doing it.
Describe a usual day in your life. It's still summer (Yay!) so I travel a lot. I've just been to Arizona, California and Baltimore. I do a lot of sight-seeing and try to find good places and backgrounds for pic's for my dolls. I also keep my eyes open if I see anything special which is doll sized, like the starbucks cup! And when vacation is over it's school, homework and blogging for fun. But in the weekend I make movies with my dolls! They love it!
Tell your readers the best collab in your life. With my BFF (Lacey) I made some pic's for my blog. It's not a real collab, but it was so much fun! I wish we could do more together, for example making a movie together!
Tell your readers the worst collab in your life. Gladly, that didn't happened to me!
Explain what your blog means to you. It means a lot to me, because in the Netherlands there is NO AG! I love my dolls and I want to talk about them and tell about all the new stuff and things AG has. And. . .It's a good way to communicate with other dollie friends. I love you all! :D
Nominate 5 bloggers for this award. Make sure to let them know they were nominated. 
McKenna! I love McKenna, the lay-out and your pictures! 
Basilmentos! I love your blog and you are the best movie maker ever!!! I laugh out loud :D and I cried out loud :(
Girl Of The Year Studios! I love your movies too and I enjoy reading all your stories on your blog! Congrats on your 4 years AG Tube!
Claire's American Girl Dolls! I love your pic's and your dollie-outfits.
The Spicy's! Last but not least, the Spicy's! Thank you for all the link love. I learned so much about how to make pictures from your blog. 
I still enjoy reading all of the AG blogs!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


AG High Tea!

Hi Happy People,
I'm home in the Netherlands, now I can post more pictures! Yay! I want to thank the Spicys for their Link Love they gave me for the AG High Tea! It was soooo delicious.

We started with a pink lemonade and we spend some time with the table talkers!

Then we ordered sandwiches and treats. Look at the menu!

They brought us the High Tea.

The fruit kabobs and the muffin.

Cream cheese turkey and ham sandwiches.

Popcakes, cupcakes and some 'weird' green Jell-O. 

McKenna loved the sandwich and Gilly feld in love with this delicious pink cupcake. Yum!

We enjoyed it very much. Did you every had an High Tea at an American Girl Place? I would love to hear it.

Lots of love,
Gilly - an American Girl