AG Store LA 2

Hi Happy People,
Today I'm going to show you my favorite part of the AG store in LA. The Historical Characters! It's just so beautiful! Every Historical Character got their own room (with their BFF). They have everything in there and there is a little place where they show some furniture that matches the time period where the dolls live. Every doll also got music that matches the time period. When dollies have a movie, you see the movie in their room. Kit's room and Julie's room where really big, because they where in a corner.

Kit's BIG Room

Rebecca's Room. I <3 all her outfits!

Cecile and Marie-Grace, their beautiful room

Molly's red and yellow room

Kaya's Native American Room 

Addy's  Colorful Room

Josefina's  Pretty Room

Julie's  hippie styled Room
Tomorrow I'll post more pic's. I hope you will check it out :D

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl 

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