I love your blog award!

Hi Happy People,
During my vacation I got the 'I Love Your Blog Award!' from Sara loves AG.

Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you so much Sara for nominating me! I love your blog too! Especially the This-or-That-Tuesday, it's so much fun!
Tell your readers why you started a blog and why you keep doing it. In the Netherlands almost nobody knows AG. I visited a lot of blogs, that was my inspiration to get my own blog. It's also like a 'diary', because I post a lot of things which happen to me or where I'm going. And I really like it when I get comments from you dollie-friends, that's what keeps me doing it.
Describe a usual day in your life. It's still summer (Yay!) so I travel a lot. I've just been to Arizona, California and Baltimore. I do a lot of sight-seeing and try to find good places and backgrounds for pic's for my dolls. I also keep my eyes open if I see anything special which is doll sized, like the starbucks cup! And when vacation is over it's school, homework and blogging for fun. But in the weekend I make movies with my dolls! They love it!
Tell your readers the best collab in your life. With my BFF (Lacey) I made some pic's for my blog. It's not a real collab, but it was so much fun! I wish we could do more together, for example making a movie together!
Tell your readers the worst collab in your life. Gladly, that didn't happened to me!
Explain what your blog means to you. It means a lot to me, because in the Netherlands there is NO AG! I love my dolls and I want to talk about them and tell about all the new stuff and things AG has. And. . .It's a good way to communicate with other dollie friends. I love you all! :D
Nominate 5 bloggers for this award. Make sure to let them know they were nominated. 
McKenna! I love McKenna, the lay-out and your pictures! 
Basilmentos! I love your blog and you are the best movie maker ever!!! I laugh out loud :D and I cried out loud :(
Girl Of The Year Studios! I love your movies too and I enjoy reading all your stories on your blog! Congrats on your 4 years AG Tube!
Claire's American Girl Dolls! I love your pic's and your dollie-outfits.
The Spicy's! Last but not least, the Spicy's! Thank you for all the link love. I learned so much about how to make pictures from your blog. 
I still enjoy reading all of the AG blogs!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Congratulations!! Thanks for mentioning me!

  2. Glad to know you love This or That. I hope to be posting a new one, and soon!