A Lovely Day in London 2

Hi Happy People,
In London I had a lovely time. I liked the typically English red busses and Regent Street, the street with the flags. This is me, looking at the busses.

The other day I went to Harrods. Harrods was beautiful. It has 5 floors, a big food hall, a lot of shoes and clothes and. . . A LOT of toys! They also have a Christmas World. The whole year through... even in the summer. A bit odd, huh?

Then I went to the house of the Queen, Buckingham Palace. It is so big and there where so many tourists! We wanted to see the Changing of the Guards, but it was on a difficult time to plan, with our other activities. Maybe we can see it next time.

I also went to the 'Tower Bridge. It was huge! The colors where beautiful and the towers where really high! 

I had a really good time in London and I saw and learned much. I would love to go again! It is just an 45 minutes fly from Amsterdam, but with one hour time difference.  It was lovely!!

Have a lovely day,
McKenna - a London Girl

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