Hi Happy People,
I really like eraser food, especially Iwaku. I was searching for it, because on the original website the shipping (from Japan to the US) was really expensive. In London McKenna found a lot of Iwaku in a department store called: Selfridges & Co. Yay, finally! McKenna gave us: the fast food, the bakery treats, the snacks, the sweets and the sushi! Jummy.

All the iwaku's comes with a little plate
The Iwaku's called puzzle erasers, because you can take them apart. I'm never going to use them to erase a word. . . I'm going to eat them! Just kidding!

From above
From the side
I especially love the ice cream and the cake, because it's pink and sweet! The little boxes are pretend noodles. Love it!!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. These iwaku erasers are really cute and looks really yummy and they don't deserve to be used as a eraser :)

  2. That is so cool! I got one of those for my giveaway! I love those little erasers! Keep up the good work Lilly!

  3. There are some cool erasers at Target in the party area.. I guess that are bag stuffers for Bday parties.. I bought some.. they are hamburgers and hotdogs.. and the bags are only $2