A Lovely High Tea in London!

Hi Happy People,
In England things are a bit different. It's weird to see that the cars are driving at the 'wrong' side and the wheel is on the right! On the street they say which side you have to look for cars, before you cross the road. Sometimes it's a bit confusing.

After all the sightseeing I was a little bit tired. So surprise... I had a High Tea in our hotel. It was lovely!

We got some fancy flowers on our table. After drinking our tea, we got the sandwiches!

Our sandwiches

We had all sorts of sandwiches.
- two tuna sandwiches
- two turkey sandwiches
- two salmon sandwiches
- two cucumber sandwiches
- two egg sandwiches

Then we got typical English scones! I love making scones with clotted cream and jam. This is how I made it.

Put the clotted cream and the jam on the scones.

Tada! You are done. Enjoy! After the yummy scones we got our sweets.

Our Sweets
Our sweet treats just look sooooo fancy! They where amazing:
- two macaroons with the Great Britain flag
- two red velvet cake with a candy on top
- two pana cotta with passion fruit
- two times the olympic fire (with salted caramel)

After the sweets we got a little fruit cake.

After the fruit cake I was stuffed. I couldn't eat anything more! But it was worth it. It was lovely!

Have a lovely day,
McKenna - a London Girl