Happy Easter!

Hi Happy People,
Happy Easter! 
I hope everybody will have a day full of chocolate eggs and baby chicks! Today Lilly, Saige and Kenna got an Egg Hunt!

Lilly: 'Oh my dollie! Again those baby chicks! Where baby chicks are, are colored eggs. . . .'

Lilly: 'I was right! I found one...

... two ...

... three!'

Kenna: 'There has to be an egg here somewhere!'
Saige: 'Maybe the baby chicks know where we can find them.'
Kenna: 'You're right! Let's search for them!'

Saige: 'Look! There are two eggs on the bed with a cute, pink baby chick.'

Saige: 'There is one next to my dollie!'

Kenna: 'There is one on my desk too!'

When the girls finished their Egg Hunt, Lilly made a necklace. It is a gold bunny, which is totally lovely :D

Saige made a card for our dollie friend Lacey with some little bunny's in Easter colors. It turned out great and the grass looks pretty real :P

I hope everybody will have a great Easter!
Have a nice day!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Playing with Easter Bunny's

Hi Happy People,
I can't wait till it is Easter, do you? That is why Mia and Caroline decided to play with some Easter Bunny's!

Cute little animals :D

This bunny is painting some eggs.

Caroline: ' I love this cute bunny!'

Caroline looks so beautiful...

... so does her little bunny.

Mia: ' I like to play with this!'

So sweet

Happy Easter!
I hope everyone has got a great day!
Lots of love,

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

BTW: My pictures are on From A Friend Friday from Liz, American Girl Fan!


Painting Eggs With Baby Chicks...

Hi Happy People,
Are you already in the mood for Easter? I can't wait for the egg hunt! Kenna and Rory can't wait either. That's why we decided to paint some eggs!

They turned out pretty good!

Rory: 'What are you painting on your egg, Lilly?'
Lilly: 'I am painting flowers and dots on mine. Yours turned out great!'
Rory: 'Thanks!'
Kenna: 'Uhh, girls... What are those. . . . !!!

Lilly, Kenna and Rory: 'Aaaaahhhhh!'
Kenna: 'Run for your life!!!!'
Rory: 'C'mon girls, they're just little colorful baby chicks. There is nothing to be scared about.'
Kenna: 'Really?'
Rory: 'Really.'

Lilly: 'Now I know where the colorful eggs are from!'
Kenna and Rory: 'LILLY!'
Lilly: 'Just kidding.'

The little baby chicks are so sweet! But. . . We got a sweet, cute and colorful BABY CHICK ATTACK!

They are everywhere!

On Rory's shoe. . .

On our table. . .

In our paint. . .

Even in my hair bow! These cute little baby chicks are everywhere!

Have a good time till Easter and beware for the colorful BABY CHICKS!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


D.I.Y. Easter Bunny

Hi Happy People,
I can't wait till it is Easter! I decided to make some Easter Bunny's from paper today. Enjoy this D.I.Y!

To make this Easter Bunny you will need:
- design paper 
- glue (I used Tacky Glue)
- Scotch Tape
- ribbon in a spring color
- a black pencil
- a bow (or something else you like)
- a ruler

Step 1
Get a design paper 6X6 for your paper Easter bunny.

Step 2
Fold you paper in half.

Step 3
Fold you paper again in half and fold back.

Step 4
Fold a line on the bottom of 2 cm.

Step 5
Fold your line of 2 cm to the top for some cute bunny ears.

Step 6
Fold the bottom of your bunny to the top and tape it.

Step 7
Turn your bunny to the other side, fold and tape to the inside.

Step 8
Decorate you Easter bunny with some eyes and a little nose. You can put a ribbon to the backside of your bunny and decorate her ear.

Use this decoration to get the Easter Sprit and have fun!

Have fun making the little Easter Bunny!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Happy Spring

Hi Happy People,
Happy Spring! Saige is celebrating spring with some pretty flowers.
Enjoy the photo shoot! 

Hope you will have a wonderful time!
Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl