Happy Easter!

Hi Happy People,
Happy Easter! 
I hope everybody will have a day full of chocolate eggs and baby chicks! Today Lilly, Saige and Kenna got an Egg Hunt!

Lilly: 'Oh my dollie! Again those baby chicks! Where baby chicks are, are colored eggs. . . .'

Lilly: 'I was right! I found one...

... two ...

... three!'

Kenna: 'There has to be an egg here somewhere!'
Saige: 'Maybe the baby chicks know where we can find them.'
Kenna: 'You're right! Let's search for them!'

Saige: 'Look! There are two eggs on the bed with a cute, pink baby chick.'

Saige: 'There is one next to my dollie!'

Kenna: 'There is one on my desk too!'

When the girls finished their Egg Hunt, Lilly made a necklace. It is a gold bunny, which is totally lovely :D

Saige made a card for our dollie friend Lacey with some little bunny's in Easter colors. It turned out great and the grass looks pretty real :P

I hope everybody will have a great Easter!
Have a nice day!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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