Painting Eggs With Baby Chicks...

Hi Happy People,
Are you already in the mood for Easter? I can't wait for the egg hunt! Kenna and Rory can't wait either. That's why we decided to paint some eggs!

They turned out pretty good!

Rory: 'What are you painting on your egg, Lilly?'
Lilly: 'I am painting flowers and dots on mine. Yours turned out great!'
Rory: 'Thanks!'
Kenna: 'Uhh, girls... What are those. . . . !!!

Lilly, Kenna and Rory: 'Aaaaahhhhh!'
Kenna: 'Run for your life!!!!'
Rory: 'C'mon girls, they're just little colorful baby chicks. There is nothing to be scared about.'
Kenna: 'Really?'
Rory: 'Really.'

Lilly: 'Now I know where the colorful eggs are from!'
Kenna and Rory: 'LILLY!'
Lilly: 'Just kidding.'

The little baby chicks are so sweet! But. . . We got a sweet, cute and colorful BABY CHICK ATTACK!

They are everywhere!

On Rory's shoe. . .

On our table. . .

In our paint. . .

Even in my hair bow! These cute little baby chicks are everywhere!

Have a good time till Easter and beware for the colorful BABY CHICKS!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl