D.I.Y. Easter Bunny

Hi Happy People,
I can't wait till it is Easter! I decided to make some Easter Bunny's from paper today. Enjoy this D.I.Y!

To make this Easter Bunny you will need:
- design paper 
- glue (I used Tacky Glue)
- Scotch Tape
- ribbon in a spring color
- a black pencil
- a bow (or something else you like)
- a ruler

Step 1
Get a design paper 6X6 for your paper Easter bunny.

Step 2
Fold you paper in half.

Step 3
Fold you paper again in half and fold back.

Step 4
Fold a line on the bottom of 2 cm.

Step 5
Fold your line of 2 cm to the top for some cute bunny ears.

Step 6
Fold the bottom of your bunny to the top and tape it.

Step 7
Turn your bunny to the other side, fold and tape to the inside.

Step 8
Decorate you Easter bunny with some eyes and a little nose. You can put a ribbon to the backside of your bunny and decorate her ear.

Use this decoration to get the Easter Sprit and have fun!

Have fun making the little Easter Bunny!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl