A Little Shaved Ice Photo Shoot

Hi Happy People,
Today Caroline decided to earn some money with her shaved ice stand. Enjoy this little photo story!

Caroline: 'Today I want to sell some shaved ice to earn some money for a new doll! 

*After ten minutes. . . *
Caroline: 'What a lot of people!'

Caroline: 'What can I make for you?'
McKenna: 'I would like some shaved ice with a strawberry and pink lemonade flavor.'
Caroline: 'Good!'

Caroline puts some ice in her shaved ice maker.


Caroline puts the pink lemonade flavor and the strawberry flavor into the shaved ice maker.

Caroline: 'And here you go! Enjoy!'
McKenna: 'Thank you.'

Have a great day! *Wraf* Says Cooper :D

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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