Me and my Dollfriends

Hi Happy People,

I'm Pretty Lilly and this is my blog: Pretty Lilly an American Girl. We are a dollie family of 13 dolls: Lilly, Gilly, Mia, Kanani, Marie-Grace, Rory, McKenna, Caroline, Saige, Isabelle and Haley. Together we have a lot of fun! 

Name: Lilly Parker
Nickname: Pretty Lilly
Age: Eleven
Birthday: October 15
Hobby's: Arts and crafts, to play the piano, to read and to shop
Personality: Kind
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite animal: My doggy Honey
The best thing to do with your friends: Shopping!!!

Name: Gilly Parker
Nickname: Gil or Silly Gilly
Age: Twelve
Birthday: June 6
Hobby's: Cheerleading, reading books and playing with my doggy
Personality: Funny
Favorite color: Aqua
Favorite animal: My dog Chocolate Chip
The best thing to do with your friends: Making fun

Name: Mia st. Clair
Nickname: Mia Pizza
Age: Eleven
Birthday: December 13
Hobby's: Figure skating, ice-hockeym sleeping and making delicious meals for my friends
Personality: Confident
Favorite color: White
Favorite animal: My cat Ginger
The best thing to do with your friends: Playing games

Name: Kanani Akina
Nickname: Nani
Age: Ten
Birthday: February 10
Hobby's: Helping the Monk Seal Foundation, selling shaved-ice and paddle boarding
Personality: Loyal
Favorite color: Light blue
Favorite animal: The Monk Seal I saved: Malana
The best thing to do with your friends: Swimming in the beautiful sea in Hawaii

Name: Marie-Grace Gardner

Nickname: Gracie
Age: Ten
Birthday: March 29
Hobby's: Learning French, writing in my diary and dressing up
Personality: Sweet
Favorite color: Tangerine
Favorite animal: My dog Argos
The best thing to do with your friends: talk about everything!

Name: Rory st. Clair
Nickname: Reporter Rory
Age: Twelve
Birthday: September 7
Hobby's:  Writing story's, reading and learning new things
Personality: Brave
Favorite color: Lilac
Favorite animal: My dog, Sugar
The best thing to do with your friends: Sleepovers and playing funny games

Name: McKenna Brooks
Nickname: Kenna
Age: thirteen
Birthday: November 13
Hobby's: Gymnastics, laughing, playing AG games on AG play
Personality: Real
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Cooper
Best thing to do with your friends: Outdoor camping and eating s'mores

Name: Caroline Abbott

Nickname: Cari
Age: ten
Birthday: January 21
Hobby's: Sailing, baking, dressing up and reading
Personality: Brave
Favorite color: Light pink
Favorite animal: Inkpot
Best thing to do with your friends: Going on a boat trip

Name: Maddy Akina
Nickname: Mads
Age: eleven
Birthday: July 4
Hobby's: Playing with the pets, drawing and painting
Personality: Loyal
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite animal: Cats
Best thing to do with your friends: Making funny pictures in a photo booth 

Name: Saige Copeland

Nickname: Saigie
Age: thirteen
Birthday: September the 15th
Hobby's: Painting, drawing, making movies and horse back riding
Personality: Kind
Favorite color: Turquoise
Favorite animal: My doggie Rembrandt and my horse Picasso
Best thing to do with your friends: Express your creativity!

Name: Lanie Holland

Nicknae: Lan
Age: Twelve
Birthday: March the 14th
Hobby's: Gardening, painting and making pictures
Personality: Sweet
Favorite color: Green
Favorite animal: My bunny <3
Best thing to do with your friends: Enjoying the beauty of nature

Name: Isabelle Palmer

Nickname: Izzy
Age: Thirteen
Birthday: June the 2nd
Hobby's: Dancing, designing clothes and cooking for my friends
Personality: Loyal
Favorite color: coral
Favorite animal: My cat Tutu
Best thing to do with your friends: Make some delicious treats and … Eat them all!

Name: Haley Parker

Nickname: Hale
Age: Twelve
Birthday: November 14th
Hobby's: Walking in the park, listening to music, having fun with my dollie friends
Personality: Loving
Favorite Color: Mint green
Favorite animal: My dog Coconut
Best thing to do with your friends: Having a picnic in a park

Hope you like me and my dollie friends. I would love to meet your dollie friends!

Lots of love,

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. omg what number AG are you Lilly? cause youre SOO PRETTY!

  2. Do you use your own money to buy all your dolls, or do your parents get them for you? All so cute!

  3. I think the prettiest are Maddy and Rory!

  4. I love this page! Do you mind if I put something similar on my blog?


  5. I LOVE the dolls, especially Pretty Lilly! Please visit my blog and let me know if you like it.

  6. I love sage she is on my maybe save up for list!

  7. All these dolls are falwless! ♥

  8. I love Saige's picture! When will Lanie be posted?

  9. Hi, I enjoyed reading your pretty blog!

  10. Hi, I enjoyed reading your pretty blog!

  11. Aw! They're very pretty! LOVE <3

  12. Very pretty!
    Love them!

  13. Pretty dolls! You'll have to put Izzy on here now!

  14. OOOOOH!!! You have saige! I wish I had saige so bad! ��

  15. I nicknamed my doll Saige spicey (since Saige is a spice) and Marie-Grace Mary G or Marie

    -Kitty and Puppy from

  16. I have Caroline, Kanani, and Saige too! Do you reccomend Gilly (MAG #24)? I have always liked that doll.


    1. Yes, I do! She is so beautiful and photogenic and her hair is perfect for hairstyles. XOXO

  17. All of your dolls are so gorgeous! I tagged you!