Happy New Year

Hi Happy People,

Happy New Year!

I wish you and your dollie friends a lovely 2014!

I had such a great time in 2013. Thank you for supporting me for another year!

Goodbye to Saige and Molly. Saige was an amazing Girl of the Year and we knew Molly for such a long time! We will miss both of them...
I wish you all a happy new year! And I can't wait to see Isabelle tomorrow.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


AG place New York City

Hi Happy People,

I went to New York City for a few days and of course I visited the American Girl Place! Look how beautiful the window was decorated!

And a little close-up.

In the store, they had a Christmas chalet! It was lovely decorated.

And they have little corners of My American Girl Accesories…

Like the animal corner with doggies,

And horses.

Dollie sized treats and …

A cute New York in-store outfit with a special outfit for Coconut like the statue of Liberty. 

There also is a new in store exclusive tee, which I love! And they have special accessories with this t-shirt.

Psst... There was also a corner for the new GOTY! 

And they were making a new window for Izzy too! I can't wait for the first of January!

I hope you liked these pictures of the AGPNY!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Review - Merry and Bright Gown

Hi Jolly Dollies!

Did you enjoy Christmas? I did!
As you saw in my other post, Gilly got the Merry and Bright Gown!
Here is a review of this lovely dress.

The Merry and Bright Gown is an AG in-store exclusive. It only was available this Christmas.

Gilly looks lovely in her dress! The dress sparkles and shines.

The set contains a beautiful crown in blue,

some silver gloves,

a belt that matches the sparkly dress

And a pair of cute heels.

There is another version of this dress too. That dress is gold and silver.

Now Gilly putted on the matching, fashionable cape!

The cape is from fleece and it's really soft. There are snowflakes from silver threat all over the cape.

There is a little snowflake on the neck of the cape.

Gilly: "I love this dress! It's soft, lovely, nice… It's fabulous!

What picture do you like the best? Please comment down below.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Happy Dollidays

Hi Happy People,
Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas morning and Santa went to our doll house and he brought us presents!

I love it!! Let's see what is in there…

Saige begins opening her present.

Saige: "It's a doll! It's a Saige! It's a Saige mini doll."

Saige has got a cute doll, who looks just like her!

Next up is Gilly. What will this big present be?

It's the pretty Ball gown dress, which is in-store only at American Girl stores. It's a beautiful dress!

Gilly: "I am so happy with this! I like to wear the cape and crown all day long…And yes, even over my PJ's…"

And now it's my turn! My present is heavy…

I see something! Do you?

Lilly: "Pepper! It's Pepper! I love you!"

I wanted this dog for such a long time! He's very welcome to the family <3

We are so happy with our presents from Santa!

What did you get? Please tell me.

Happy Dollidays and Merry XMAS!

Lots of XMAS love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


AG store in Washington DC

Hi Jolly Dollies,

Yesterday I went to the American Girl Place in Washington DC. The whole store was decorated for the Holidays! I hope you like these pictures.

I love this enormous Christmas tree. All the presents underneath the tree are dollies I think! I also like the colorful ornaments.

The AG holiday dresses look so cute for dollies and for girls.

Awhh! This dollie sized snowman is snow cute! 

These dollies sparkle and shine in their Holiday dresses. The winter wood background looks so real!

I love the AG Xmas packaging! 

Oh no Meatloaf! Don't eat our decorated Gingerbread house!

Which picture do you like the best? Comment down below your favorite.

Lots of Christmas love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


This or That - Christmas Edition

Hi Jolly Dollies!

On Saturday I am going to the US. I can't wait!
It's time for a 'This or That', but not a normal one… A Christmas edition!

Item nr.1

The Christmas AG wrapping from 2012…

Or the Christmas AG wrapping from this year?

Item nr. 2

The reindeer PJ's …

Or the Polar bear PJ's?

Item nr. 3

The Brocade dress …

Or the Sparkle Dress?

Item nr. 4

The AG in-store poncho from this year…

Or the AG poncho from 2012?

Item nr. 5

A dollie sized Santa hat…

Or dollie sized reindeer ears?

My opinion:

1. Gift wrapping from 2013 - I love all the sparkly snowflakes on the packaging! I like the other one too, but the this one is shiny.
2. The polar bear PJ's - I am in love with the tunic/tee of this outfit. This blue color is so cute and the navy lace is adorable!
3. Hmm, I can't choose! - Jessica Rae asked me what my favorite outfit from Christmas. Well, I love these 2 dresses, but I can't choose between them!
4. The AG in-store poncho of 2013 - I like the little snowflakes on the shoulder of this poncho, but I also love the other one. I think the in-store poncho is better to match with my outfits, but the other one will be cute on Christmas dresses.
5. The reindeer ears - I love the reindeer ears, because it's just so funny! The Santa hat is also cute <3

What are your choices? Leave a comment down below.

Lots of XMAS love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl