XMAS outfits and styles Part 2

Hi Jolly Dollies!

This will be the second part of our XMAS outfits and hairstyles! Enjoy!

This is Rory. She's wearing this years AG Brocade dress. It looks flawless!

The color of the fabric is cream with golden patterns on it. It's a shiny dress! The flowers on the belt are super cute.

This set also contains this beautiful hairband! The color matches perfect with Rory's hair.

What about her shoes!? Cream with silver ribbons. And what about our cute doggie Barksee? Awhh...

Rory feels very comfortable in this dress… Like it is made for her!

Next up is Kenna! She is wearing a sporty outfit. It's a retired Christmas dress from American Girl.

It came with this great silver cardigan.

It's a red sweater dress with a silver belt and bow on it.

Silver tights … Red shoes… What more do you need?

McKenna has an AG hair extension in the color caramel in her hair. It looks lovely.

Here is Lanie! She's also wearing a retired AG XMAS dress.

This dress is really soft. In her waist is a little belt with a shiny snowflake!

The neckline is beautifully decorated with a shiny silver threat. Such a nice detail!

Her shoes has the same decoration as her neckline. And oh my dollie… the softness of her shoes!

Awhh! Lanie looks adorable in front of her Christmas tree.

Have a jolly time to pick out your outfit and hairstyles for your dollies! Let me know what your dollies are going to wear on Christmas.

And thank you Liz from American Girl Fan, for posting my pictures on From a Friend Friday

Lots of XMAS love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. So cute! Love the pictures! Your great at Photography!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for posting a lot, nowadays it's hard to find doll blogs that still post. I was able to find a few and yours was one of them! Thank you thank you thank you! You inspire me so much and I wish more blogs were like yours. I was hoping you would take an award here :


    You inspire me so much and you deserve a small little reward.

    PS my dolls are wearing some festive red colors! They almost look as pretty as your dolls!

  3. Your dolls look so pretty! I especially like Rory in the Brocade Dress. It looks like it was made for her! I was wondering, which of thw new AG holiday dresses do you like best, and why? Thanks!