Review - Merry and Bright Gown

Hi Jolly Dollies!

Did you enjoy Christmas? I did!
As you saw in my other post, Gilly got the Merry and Bright Gown!
Here is a review of this lovely dress.

The Merry and Bright Gown is an AG in-store exclusive. It only was available this Christmas.

Gilly looks lovely in her dress! The dress sparkles and shines.

The set contains a beautiful crown in blue,

some silver gloves,

a belt that matches the sparkly dress

And a pair of cute heels.

There is another version of this dress too. That dress is gold and silver.

Now Gilly putted on the matching, fashionable cape!

The cape is from fleece and it's really soft. There are snowflakes from silver threat all over the cape.

There is a little snowflake on the neck of the cape.

Gilly: "I love this dress! It's soft, lovely, nice… It's fabulous!

What picture do you like the best? Please comment down below.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. I love the one with her facing the back and the one with my glove! This is so pretty!

  2. A-doll-a-ble pictures, Pretty Lilly!

  3. absolutely gorgeous! Youre lucky to have gotten this awesome outfit!

  4. I....WANT......THAT..........RIGHT.......NOW!!!! SO......CUTE!