Hi Happy People,

Happy Dolloween!

Rory and I are making a cute Jack-o-lantern

I'm carving out the smiley face. . . Not so spooky hihi :D

And tadaaa: it's done!

I love this cute pic!

Now we have a question for you dollies. . .
Do you know a name for this lovely little pumpkin
Please comment down below if you have any suggestions.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Dolloween Costumes

Hi Happy People,

Are you excited for DOLLOWEEN?We are :D
Rory, Saige, Kenna and Lanie were picking out their Halloween costumes. What do you dollies think about them?

Happy Dolloween!

Kenna has got a beautiful angle suit!

BOOOO! Hihi, I think you weren't expecting that :D

The wings are so detailed! This is a retired American Girl costume.

Next up is our genie Saige!

Her outfit shimmers and shines. . . 

We love it!

The genie shoes are adorable! This costume is also from AG.

This is Rory in her Spooky Fun Oufit from American Girl.

Do you see the little ghosts on her tee? They have got some glitter.

Rory! Look behind you! It's a ghost!

Last but not least is Lanie in her  black cat outfit, which is also retired from AG.

Lanie: "Hihi, I <3 my cat tail!"

The cat ears are so cute!

Lanie thinks it's pretty strange to see a dancing skeleton and some bats above herself :D

Do you have any plans for Dolloween? I would love to hear from you!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


My Trip To Berlin

Hi Happy People,

I am back from vacation! I went to Berlin, which is the capital city of Germany. 
I'll show you some pictures of the places I've been.

This is the concert hall on the Gendarmemarkt. It's called the Konzerthaus Berlin. Konzert means concert in German. It's pretty big. I love the red carpet!

This is the KaDeWe, also know as the Kaufhaus des Westens. It's a big department store and the food section is famous. There are lots of different treats and you can buy products from all over the world, like Poptarts from the US and maple syrup from Canada!

This is the Reichstag Building. It's the seat of the German Parliament and it's a famous landmark of Berlin. The statues on the building are lovely <3

This is the Brandenburger Tor. It's wonderful and the architecture is beautiful. The Brandenburger Tor is the former city gate and I think it's the most famous spot of Berlin.

I hope you liked my little tour of Berlin! Which of the buildings would you visit if you where in Berlin?
Please comment down below :D

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


The Campus Snack Cart!

Hi Happy People,

I had a fantabulous birthday and an amazing birthday present!
Let me show you…

I've got the Campus Snack Cart!

Here's a little tour of the snack cart!

It contains:

  • A cart that features a vinyl canopy; pretend sink, microwave, and refrigerator; cash drawer; shelves; menu board; and towel bar
  • A hot dog cooker that really lights up!
  • Two hot dogs and bottles of ketchup & mustard
  • Four ice cream cones and a cone box
  • Two ice cream sandwich treats
  • Two fruit kabobs
  • Two berry smoothies
  • Two corncobs
  • Two baskets of French fries
  • Five pretend dollar bills and 20 pretend coins
  • Tongs and ice cream scoop
  • Hand towel and apron
  • Ten paper trays for serving snacks

Time to make a little money, hihi.

My delicious French Fries are baking in the oven…

Mmmm, that looks yum!

Time for the sweet treats! I love the berry milkshake and the ice cream cone <3

Be careful sweet treats, because Pretty Lilly is hungry!!

Well, I know it's an ice cream sandwich, but it looks like an Oreo!

And now it's time for a hot dog with some yummy ketchup and mustard! Notice the little lamp in the Hot Dog holder? It really works. I love that!

And last but not least, the veggie snacks! I love the fruit kabobs and corn.

All the food is so detailed! I love the snack cart and . . . I do know it's very expensive but really recommend it! It's worth it!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Happy Birthday Pretty Lilly!

Hi Happy People,
It's my Birthday! Today I'm officially 13 years old! Yay :D
Time for a Pretty Lilly party <3

Happy Birthday, Pretty Lilly!

Kenna, Mia and Rory were having the smoothie challenge on my bday!

It's a game. You have to choose 4 ingredients from your kitchen and mix them in your smoothie maker! It can be delicious or really … ieuww!

Kenna had a good one: a reese, some nutella, milk and honey. Yum!
But poor Mia! She had some wasabi in her smoothie, hothothot!!

After the smoothie challenge we had a High Tea. Gilly made some lovely cupcakes for me. I loved them, especially the icing ;-)

Don't we look beautiful all together?

I love having a party with all my friends, but I missed YOU!!!

We had a BLAST!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Gilly is making birthday cupcakes

Hi Happy People,
It's almost Lilly's BDAY, so I decided to make her a little Birthday CUPCAKE!!
Enjoy xxx

You need a lot to make two dollie sized cupcakes… milk, eggs, butter, sprinkles, a big bowl . . .  and a lot more :D

Oops, I forgot something!

With some sprinkles the cupcakes are looking way better, don't they?!

And tadaa! My BDAY cupcakes for Lilly are done!

See you dollies tomorrow!

Lots of love,
Gilly for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl



Hi Happy People,


Are you dollies ready for a sneak peak?!

Well, it's almost my birthday!!! Tuesday, October 15th, I will be  13 years old! 

Do you think I'm getting too old for dolls?
I still love my dollies so much. I love to dress them up and I like to do their hair. 
I know some girls think I'm too old to play with dolls. But who doesn't like AG? 

Of course I do have other interests and I sometimes share them with you through Lilly and her friends. Remember the spa, the morning routine and the City of Bones videos?
Don't worry, I'll be posting about all my favorite things :-)
I love you dollies <3

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl