The Campus Snack Cart!

Hi Happy People,

I had a fantabulous birthday and an amazing birthday present!
Let me show you…

I've got the Campus Snack Cart!

Here's a little tour of the snack cart!

It contains:

  • A cart that features a vinyl canopy; pretend sink, microwave, and refrigerator; cash drawer; shelves; menu board; and towel bar
  • A hot dog cooker that really lights up!
  • Two hot dogs and bottles of ketchup & mustard
  • Four ice cream cones and a cone box
  • Two ice cream sandwich treats
  • Two fruit kabobs
  • Two berry smoothies
  • Two corncobs
  • Two baskets of French fries
  • Five pretend dollar bills and 20 pretend coins
  • Tongs and ice cream scoop
  • Hand towel and apron
  • Ten paper trays for serving snacks

Time to make a little money, hihi.

My delicious French Fries are baking in the oven…

Mmmm, that looks yum!

Time for the sweet treats! I love the berry milkshake and the ice cream cone <3

Be careful sweet treats, because Pretty Lilly is hungry!!

Well, I know it's an ice cream sandwich, but it looks like an Oreo!

And now it's time for a hot dog with some yummy ketchup and mustard! Notice the little lamp in the Hot Dog holder? It really works. I love that!

And last but not least, the veggie snacks! I love the fruit kabobs and corn.

All the food is so detailed! I love the snack cart and . . . I do know it's very expensive but really recommend it! It's worth it!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl