Happy Birthday Pretty Lilly!

Hi Happy People,
It's my Birthday! Today I'm officially 13 years old! Yay :D
Time for a Pretty Lilly party <3

Happy Birthday, Pretty Lilly!

Kenna, Mia and Rory were having the smoothie challenge on my bday!

It's a game. You have to choose 4 ingredients from your kitchen and mix them in your smoothie maker! It can be delicious or really … ieuww!

Kenna had a good one: a reese, some nutella, milk and honey. Yum!
But poor Mia! She had some wasabi in her smoothie, hothothot!!

After the smoothie challenge we had a High Tea. Gilly made some lovely cupcakes for me. I loved them, especially the icing ;-)

Don't we look beautiful all together?

I love having a party with all my friends, but I missed YOU!!!

We had a BLAST!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Happy Birthday, Lilly!
    Your friends at the Saltys,
    Elizabeth Grace and Chrissa

  2. Happy Birthday dear friend! I wish I could send u a present but u live so faraway shipping would be terrible :(

  3. Happy birthday, Lilly!! It looks like a wonderful time!
    Rebecca and Kirsten

  4. Happy birthday Lilly! We hope you had a great day!!!!
    Ashleigh & Melody

  5. Happy Birthday Lilly! You are sooo adorable!

    1. She is!! I LOVE LILLY!!!! *waves Pretty Lilly banner in the air madly*!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Cute pictures! I recognize the little Birthday cake ;) !!

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  8. happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to lily happy birthday to you and many more shut the door on channel four sit on the floor that's how we sing your birthday song well HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILLY love leah