Doll Sized Scrapbooks!

Hi Happy People,
I love the store Michaels! My favorite thing at Michaels is that . . . they sell American Girl Crafts! 
I just love it. I got the doll sized scrapbooks from AG crafts. I hope you like this review!

Maddy loves to decorate her scrapbooks!

They're three in one package: an orange, a pink and a green one!

Pretty Lilly adores the PINK one hihi.

The green scrapbook is about my life. All of the thinks you love to do!

The pink scrapbook is about Me and My Friends. It's pink and I love it!

And the third scrapbook is orange and it's about School Stuff.
All the scrapbooks are decorated inside!

I love the American Girl Crafts! Which scrapbook do you like the best?
Tell me below :D

Maddy for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Those are so cute! You're lucky to have a Michaels in your area; ours closed years ago :(.
    We love the green one! But they're all so awesome!
    Rebecca and Kirsten

  2. All so adollable!
    Is there really a Michael's in NL?

    1. No, I got them in the US when I was there this summer!
      Thanks for the compliments Christina L and Dollightfuldays xxx

  3. Adorable! I want some now!!!!! Love the blog!
    Please check out mine: www.meandmelly.blogspot.com.au