Review of the AG in-store poncho

Hi Happy People,

In the American Girl store, they have some in-store only items! I love those :D
This winter they have an adorable poncho with a hairband.
My Dad got it for me and here is a review!!

The set contains a poncho and a hairband and it's $14,-

Only if you spend 50 dollars at the AGP, you can buy this set.

This is a cute detail! The snowflakes are light pink and sparkly silver.

The bow is from a fluffy fleece material.

Smile in the camera, Saige!

Do you see those boxes? What will it be?! Stay tuned :)

The beautiful AG logo.

I like knitting patterns like these <3

A close up of the cute bow!

I hope you like this review and that it was helpful.

Pretty  Lilly - an American Girl


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Happy People,

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you will have a lovely day with your friends and family <3

What am I thankful for this year ………?

I am thankful for YOU! You dollies inspire us to make pictures and videos, you dollies support us in having fun and … well, we love you! 

In the Netherlands, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so I'm not having turkey tonight :(

What are you thankful for? I would love to know.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


AG Holiday Accessories

Hi Happy People,

Do you dollies like Christmas Accessories as much as I do? 
Well. . . I love them <3
Here is a review of the newest Holiday accessories of AG.

I love this picture! Kenna looks so fancy.

This is a review of the American Girl Holliday Accessories:
  • A candy-cane holiday card
  • A silvery doll-sized bracelet
  • A pretty gift box tied with a bow
  • A "homemade" felt tree trimmed with ornaments, standing on a tiny thread spool
  • A snowflake-embroidered stocking with beaded icicles at the top
  • A furry doll-sized shrug lined with satin for a fancy holiday look.

Here is a close up of the Holiday Sock. I love the snowflakes on it <3

This is a close up of the beautiful bracelet that the set contains. It matches the jacket.

This is the little Christmas tree. I love the little glitters like ornaments (the silver bowl is not included with this set).

This is such a cute card. . . in the shape of a candy cane!

I hope you like these Dollieday accessories! What item is your favorite?

Lots of XMAS love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


A little falalala

Hi Happy People!

As you see, I changed my blog template to a Christmas template! 
I am getting in the X-MAS mood. . . Do you?

The AG store with XMAS decorations

My Dad made this picture and he had a big surprise for me. I am going for the Holidays to the US! I'm going to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve for the first time not at home. I'm excited!

I want to go to the American Girl store in Washington D.C.
My question for you dollies is: "What do you want to see in the Christmas themed American Girl store?"

Keep looking on my blog, because there will be little "falalalala" every week :D

Lots of XMAS love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


The Hunger Games Catching Fire

Hi Happy People,
Guess what I'm going to do today with Gilly? I'm going the Catching Fire premiere in the Netherlands!

We're the dollies on fire! I love the Hunger Games trilogy and I can't wait to see this movie.

Are you going to see Catching Fire soon? We would love to hear about it!

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


GOTY 2014 - Isabelle

Hi Happy People!
I looked at one of my favorite doll websites today, Doll Diaries, and I saw pic's from the Girl of The Year 2014!

Her name is Isabelle and she's a ballet dancer. I love her meet outfit and I think she looks a bit like my Gilly!

The rumors goes that she has got OMBRE hair! I think it's a great detail and that it looks pretty <3

And she has got golden shoes! How fashionable is that?

What do you think about AG's GOTY 2014? Please let me know :D

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Pretty Lilly's Sweater Weather

Hi Happy People,

My favorite weather is … Sweater Weather!

The three blond curly dollies - Gilly, Caroline and Lanie - are trying on their favorite sweater! 
What is your Sweater Weather Style?

1. A Casual Sweater

Caroline loves a casual style! Her sweater is from the Frosty Fair Isle Outfit <3

The pattern is adorable.

2. A Chic Sweater

Gilly likes a chic style and this sweater is shimmery and shiny!

Do you see the glitter? So fabulous!

3. A Cozy Sweater

This sweater Lanie is wearing is a retired in-store-only item from American Girl.

When I see this pic, I think of snowflakes.


Look at all our amazing boots!

What is your favorite kind of sweater? Please let me know :D

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


A Fall Weather Photo Shoot

Hi Happy People,
Today was a perfect fall day and it's getting a bit colder here! 
For my birthday I have got the Frosty Fair Isle Set and the Puffy Jacket!
I hope you like this photo shoot:

The leafs are turning brown, orange, yellow and much more colors!

The jacket is so puffy! Do you see the little purple star on her shoulder? Too cute <3

This is my favorite pic!

Caroline loves the fall and her fall clothing!

A close-up of her adorable sweater. I love all the different blues!

Caroline: "I hope you like my outfit! Please comment down below your favorite pic of this photo shoot! xxx"

Lots of love,
Caroline for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Hot Cocoa from Lacey!

Hi Happy People,
Today was a perfect day to have some hot cocoa with whipped cream with my sis Gilly!
Don't you adore these little Starbucks cups?

They where a homemade birthday present from my dollie friend Lacey!
She got some sample cups at Starbucks and filled them with clay.

Gilly loves it <3

Look at us, adorable sisters!

They are so detailed!

Gilly: "Next time I'll take a pumkin spice latte!"

Lilly: "I'll go for a caramel hot cocoa. I love caramel hihi."

Thank you much Lacey for my present. 
Let me know what drink you want to make with these sample cups.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl