A Fall Weather Photo Shoot

Hi Happy People,
Today was a perfect fall day and it's getting a bit colder here! 
For my birthday I have got the Frosty Fair Isle Set and the Puffy Jacket!
I hope you like this photo shoot:

The leafs are turning brown, orange, yellow and much more colors!

The jacket is so puffy! Do you see the little purple star on her shoulder? Too cute <3

This is my favorite pic!

Caroline loves the fall and her fall clothing!

A close-up of her adorable sweater. I love all the different blues!

Caroline: "I hope you like my outfit! Please comment down below your favorite pic of this photo shoot! xxx"

Lots of love,
Caroline for Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Cute outfit. I gotta get more winter clothes for my dolls. I love the second to the last pic. the close up with the trees in the background and her jacket open so you can see her sweater!!

  2. I LOVE the Frosty Fair Isle Set too! It's so fun that you got it. Your pictures are cute.

  3. She is SOOO pretty! We really need to get our dolls some winter outfits, maybe we will try the frosty fair isle outfit since it's so cute!

  4. I love the pic when you went close up on the sweater!:)

  5. Beautiful photos, very well done. I think I might be purchasing that outfit sometime. I really want (need, actually!) a jacket for my doll!