AG Holiday Accessories

Hi Happy People,

Do you dollies like Christmas Accessories as much as I do? 
Well. . . I love them <3
Here is a review of the newest Holiday accessories of AG.

I love this picture! Kenna looks so fancy.

This is a review of the American Girl Holliday Accessories:
  • A candy-cane holiday card
  • A silvery doll-sized bracelet
  • A pretty gift box tied with a bow
  • A "homemade" felt tree trimmed with ornaments, standing on a tiny thread spool
  • A snowflake-embroidered stocking with beaded icicles at the top
  • A furry doll-sized shrug lined with satin for a fancy holiday look.

Here is a close up of the Holiday Sock. I love the snowflakes on it <3

This is a close up of the beautiful bracelet that the set contains. It matches the jacket.

This is the little Christmas tree. I love the little glitters like ornaments (the silver bowl is not included with this set).

This is such a cute card. . . in the shape of a candy cane!

I hope you like these Dollieday accessories! What item is your favorite?

Lots of XMAS love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

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