Review of the AG in-store poncho

Hi Happy People,

In the American Girl store, they have some in-store only items! I love those :D
This winter they have an adorable poncho with a hairband.
My Dad got it for me and here is a review!!

The set contains a poncho and a hairband and it's $14,-

Only if you spend 50 dollars at the AGP, you can buy this set.

This is a cute detail! The snowflakes are light pink and sparkly silver.

The bow is from a fluffy fleece material.

Smile in the camera, Saige!

Do you see those boxes? What will it be?! Stay tuned :)

The beautiful AG logo.

I like knitting patterns like these <3

A close up of the cute bow!

I hope you like this review and that it was helpful.

Pretty  Lilly - an American Girl

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  1. Leuk en mooi poncho! (I don't know what poncho is)