Pretty Lilly's last post ♡

Hi dollies,

Long time, no see…
I'm here to say that I'm not posting anymore on this blog. I just feel like I've been so busy with school and other stuff. Maybe it is that I'm getting too old for it, but I don't think it's that…

Thank you, dollies.
Thank you for always encouraging me and leaving me all these wonderful comments!
Thank you for your kindness and for your compliments!
Thank you that you dollies were always there for me!

American Girl dolls (yours and mine) have been a huge part of my life and that will always stay that way. I'll never forget you ♡

Lots of love (forever and always),
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Meet Grace!

Hi Dollies,

Guess what new doll I've got…? Yes, you're right!! I've got the newest GOTY of American Girl…
Girl of the year 2015… Grace Thomas!!

She is so beautiful! Her hair is aaahhmazing and her eyes are so bright blue. <3

If you didn't know her story already: she is going to Paris! Her aunt lives in Paris and she's going to visit her with her mom. She also loves baking.

Here is a close up of her tee. It says "Paris, Je t'aime" (read that with a French accent :D)

She also comes with the most adorable charm bracelet EVER!
Look, the Eiffel Tower is on it.

And here are her grey booties. I love them, because I have booties myself who kinda look like them… without the bows :(

She comes with a braid in her hair and she also has side swept bangs. I love her hair because you can definitely make lots of hairstyles with it!

Ohh, too cute!!

What do you think of Grace's collection? Tell me in the comments down below.

So… Welcome Grace to our doll family!! She is my 14th doll, can you believe it?!

Have a great day!
XOXO, Pretty Lilly - an American Girl

Happy New Year

Hi Dollies,

Happy New Year!
I can't believe it's already 2015. This year we'll say goodbye to Isabelle and we'll say hello to the new GOTY 2015, Grace.

I hope you find somebody who's worth melting for!!
BTW, we love Olaf.

Have a great new year.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Merry Christmas

Hi dollies,

Merry, merry, merry Christmas!!
I hope you will have a very jolly day full of happiness and fun with your friends and family.

Gilly and Rory dressed up in their white winter outfits and we made some pictures outside with the Christmas tree and … with a reindeer?!

Gilly is seriously in love with these earmuffs. They're too cute!

The reindeer is too cute!

Gilly is so photogenic!

I love the light in this photo shoot. I made the pictures when the sun came down and they turned out so good!

I think this is my favorite picture. It looks so cozy!!

Oh Rory, you're too beautiful.

*walking in a winter wonderland*

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Christmas Outfit Ideas

Hi Dollies,

Ahh, it's almost winter break. I can't wait to start relaxing and getting 'really' into the Christmas Spirit!! If your doll needed some help with picking out her outfit for Christmas… Pretty Lilly to the rescue!

First up are Lanie and  Saige. They both look so cute!
Lanie is wearing a red floral dress and Saige is wearing the prettiest beige brocade dress ever! Both of their outfits are form American Girl.

Here is a little close-up of Saige. I love her brown curly hair with the shiny material of her dress.

Lanie has an obsession with candy canes. I mean, who doesn't love them?!

Hayley is wearing a little bit older AG holiday dress. It was from 3 years back, I think.

She has a lot of fun decorating our Christmas tree!

And Isabelle is doing the yummiest Christmas activity… Decorating a gingerbread house!

And Isabelle's outfit is the best! It is the in-store exclusive outfit from AG this year. It's so classic and you can easily use the items outside the Christmas season. I love it!

Here is Lilly! She is wearing an AG dress from 4 years ago. I love the model of the dress.

And… Who is there? Is it Coconut the red nose reindeer? She's tooooo cute.

What's your favorite dolliday outfit from this post? Comment down below :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Christmas Doll Bedroom Decorations

Hi Dollies!

Can you believe it's almost Christmas? I am so excited! That's why I decorated my doll house for the Holidays. This is going to be a tour of the bedroom from my dollies. 
I hope you find these DIY's and tips helpful!

Maddie and Kenna will give you a tour of our bedroom.
It's so cozy!!

Kenna is wearing a pair of Christmas PJ's from AG. I love the way it looks on Kenna.

Maddie always loves this snow globe. I got it two years ago with some Holiday Accessories from American Girl. I love the little snowman inside the snow globe.

First DIY:
Kenna wrapped a square shaped object in with some Holiday wrapping paper. She putted a bow around it and voilà! You have a present hanging on your wall! You can also do it for your "human" sized bedroom.

Second DIY:
I actually made these pillows last year! Check out this DIY to make them.

Awhh, Coconut and Chocolate Chip are too cute!
I love how Kenna decorated her closet.
And… to give your bedroom a finishing touch you can hang XMAS lights on the ceiling.

Maddie and Kenna are really happy with the result of their decorated XMAS bedroom.

Be excited for the next post, because it will be a living room XMAS decoration post!
What's your favorite thing in this Christmas bedroom? Tell me in the comments down below.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Dollies,

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has an amazing day with your friends and family.
Let's all be grateful for the things we have and be happy and thankful.

These pictures are a little bit different then the ones I usually take, but I love how they turned out. Because of the daylight saving times, it's getting dark so early!
But, I loved making these pictures with all the lights on.

Saige is wearing a red sweater with a flower, a lace skirt and some knee high brown leather boots.

Believe it or not, but I didn't edit these pictures!
They turned out a little bit strange, but I love the effect!!

I mean, how cool is this?!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and that you enjoy the turkey ;D

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


Rory's Winter White Outfit

Hi dollies,

I'm sorry I haven't posted these pictures earlier. Blogger wasn't really helping :(
But, now I can finally post them! Yay!

Rory looks fabulous in her new outfit from AG. It's the Winter White Outfit.

She is wearing a white fake-fur vest, a white tee with fluffy sleeves, a knitted skort, a pair of jersey leggins and a pair of white boots.

I made these pictures with my adorable lights, which I got from Urban Outfitters.
It's almost Christmas…!

This is one of my favorites. The flower on her fake fur vest is cute!
First I didn't notice it, but I love it because it shines.

Rory's hair looks so colorful!

Tell me what your favorite American Girl winter outfit is.

Lots of love,
Pretty Lilly - an American Girl