Christmas Doll Bedroom Decorations

Hi Dollies!

Can you believe it's almost Christmas? I am so excited! That's why I decorated my doll house for the Holidays. This is going to be a tour of the bedroom from my dollies. 
I hope you find these DIY's and tips helpful!

Maddie and Kenna will give you a tour of our bedroom.
It's so cozy!!

Kenna is wearing a pair of Christmas PJ's from AG. I love the way it looks on Kenna.

Maddie always loves this snow globe. I got it two years ago with some Holiday Accessories from American Girl. I love the little snowman inside the snow globe.

First DIY:
Kenna wrapped a square shaped object in with some Holiday wrapping paper. She putted a bow around it and voilà! You have a present hanging on your wall! You can also do it for your "human" sized bedroom.

Second DIY:
I actually made these pillows last year! Check out this DIY to make them.

Awhh, Coconut and Chocolate Chip are too cute!
I love how Kenna decorated her closet.
And… to give your bedroom a finishing touch you can hang XMAS lights on the ceiling.

Maddie and Kenna are really happy with the result of their decorated XMAS bedroom.

Be excited for the next post, because it will be a living room XMAS decoration post!
What's your favorite thing in this Christmas bedroom? Tell me in the comments down below.

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. Kenna and Maddie's room looks amazing! Everything about it is just, ughh, fabulous!!xD

  2. Wow, the room looks great! My favorite thing would have to be the Christmas lights on the ceiling. ;) Great pictures!

  3. Their room looks amazing! Unfortunately, we have a lack of a dollhouse to decorate right now xD

  4. My favorite part is the Christmas lights. How did you get it so the cord doesn't show?

  5. Their bedroom is really pretty! I love it so much! They look adorable! :)

  6. Ohhh, this rooms is so comfy and inviting! If I bring the hot chocolate, can I come over?!?!?!? Love the wrapped pictures on the wall!!!

  7. this doll room is soooooooo cute!
    check out our blog at www.americangirlpearl.blogspot.com! its our first blog (and is new) so we havent posted much yet!

  8. I nominated for an award!