Christmas Outfit Ideas

Hi Dollies,

Ahh, it's almost winter break. I can't wait to start relaxing and getting 'really' into the Christmas Spirit!! If your doll needed some help with picking out her outfit for Christmas… Pretty Lilly to the rescue!

First up are Lanie and  Saige. They both look so cute!
Lanie is wearing a red floral dress and Saige is wearing the prettiest beige brocade dress ever! Both of their outfits are form American Girl.

Here is a little close-up of Saige. I love her brown curly hair with the shiny material of her dress.

Lanie has an obsession with candy canes. I mean, who doesn't love them?!

Hayley is wearing a little bit older AG holiday dress. It was from 3 years back, I think.

She has a lot of fun decorating our Christmas tree!

And Isabelle is doing the yummiest Christmas activity… Decorating a gingerbread house!

And Isabelle's outfit is the best! It is the in-store exclusive outfit from AG this year. It's so classic and you can easily use the items outside the Christmas season. I love it!

Here is Lilly! She is wearing an AG dress from 4 years ago. I love the model of the dress.

And… Who is there? Is it Coconut the red nose reindeer? She's tooooo cute.

What's your favorite dolliday outfit from this post? Comment down below :)

Pretty Lilly - an American Girl


  1. My favorite is the first red dress.
    I loooove candy canes, just like Lanie!

  2. Aww your dolls are always just so perfect! So adorable girl!!xD

  3. My favorite outfit would have to be the in-store exclusive one. By the way, I nominated you on my blog!

  4. cute! i <3 isabelle's oufit it is sooooooo cute

  5. I love them all so much! But hmmm....I think it's a tie between Saige and Isabelle!:)

  6. Their outfits are really cute! Lanie's outfit is my favorite! The photos are so pretty! :)